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  1. TR Conn

    Whistling noise on Acceleration

    I shot a very short video, this time the fan belt was removed. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1425321674686556 I have also checked for fuel pump noise (replaced with a new, genuine Bosch 044 replacement (150) Pulled the rocker arms & checked for exhaust leaks and back pressure Checked...
  2. TR Conn

    Whistling noise on Acceleration

    The sound is definitely not related to the Duetts creaks, rattles or wind resistance, It seems to be related to either load (MAP) or airflow into the engine. It happens under medium -kinda' normal - acceleration. under light acceleration it does not happen. I haven't taken it on the highway out...
  3. TR Conn

    Whistling noise on Acceleration

    Thanks for the input. The only hose under the dash leads to the vacuum gauge. I've blocked off all the vacuum lines at the source to test.
  4. TR Conn

    Whistling noise on Acceleration

    I use 30w, It's an M41. Haven't checked the level in a while though there`s no indication of a leak. The noise seems to come from the engine, but I will follow up on the transmission suggestion.
  5. TR Conn

    Whistling noise on Acceleration

    I’ve been battling this for several months and I’m at my wits end. Under acceleration I get a squealing/whistling sound. It sounds like a slipping fan belt. But it is not! I’m running Holley 2300 Sniper throttle body injection on a B20. It is mated to a Weber DGV manifold with an adapter. I...
  6. TR Conn

    Sounds like a slipping fan belt - but it is not!

    NOPE! Got it back together and it still has the same problem. Since it squeals with the fan belt removed that rules out the alternator and water pump bearings. The squeal only happens on accel and a little bit on decel. It also happens when revving in neutral. Is it possible it is the crankshaft...
  7. TR Conn

    Sounds like a slipping fan belt - but it is not!

    No, fiber gear with about 3000 miles on it. I've had an engine with the metal gears and although slightly noisier it's not the same noise. This is a high pitched squeal that sounds like a slipping fan belt. I'll probably spend the weekend pulling the timing gear to check the cam retainer.
  8. TR Conn

    Sounds like a slipping fan belt - but it is not!

    B20, on acceleration and a little on decel, there is a squeal that sounds like a slipping fan belt. I've tightened the belt with no change, then I removed the belt and the squeal is still there. The noise seems to come from the front of the engine. I previously had a problem with the thrust ring...
  9. TR Conn

    New Alternator. Upgrade wiring?

    I've installed a Holley Sniper EFI on My B20 Duett. The car has been converted to 12V using the original 6V wiring. The fuel pump (Bosch 044 clone) pulls nearly 15 AMPS, so I'm upgrading from a 63 amp to a 3 wire 100 amp alternator. Should I be concerned with the wiring as far as the charging...
  10. TR Conn

    Megasquirt - I gave up

    After a 4 plus year losing fight with Megasquirt I decided to try another tack. I will admit that when I began the odyssey with Megasquirt I knew very little about after market fuel injection. It was a worthwhile and fairly expensive learning experience. But I never learned enough to get it...
  11. TR Conn

    Megasquirt Erratic Spark

    Erratic spark output Megasquirt 2 v3 on a B20. Something is fried in the ECU. Engine won?t run no matter what crank input. I?ve tried distributor -, points trigger, 36-2 with VR sensor, and with a Hall sensor. In all cases the tooth logger and composite logger have normal looking patterns. The...
  12. TR Conn

    122s Cover

    What current car is close to the same size and shape as a 122s 2 door? I want to buy a new cover, but most websites want info on the car for fitment. Of course, most cover companies/sellers don't list Volvos as far back as the mid 60's. Thanks, TR and Arrow thanks you too.
  13. TR Conn

    B20 Fuel Injection Questions

    B20 Fuel Injection Questions Updated again! As I said below in one of the posts, I was going to finish up the project and see how well or horribly it would work. Well, the data is in and it's not good! As predicted, the fuel distribution is compromised by the firing order. Cylinders 1 & 4...
  14. TR Conn

    B230 Help diagnose noise

    Any ideas what the clicking noise is? It sounds very metallic, It occurs on acceleration. Timing is correct and it runs pretty much normally. Any suggestions? https://www.facebook.com/tr.conn.7/videos/10206575560823970/ '86 240 wagon HIGH miles around 400K Engine has never been opened! Just...
  15. TR Conn

    M41 into a Duett

    I started measuring and researching how to install an M41 behind the B20 in my ’58 Duett. I didn’t expect it to be easy, but the modifications to the trans tunnel look like quite a challenge. I need to keep the removable inspection cover if I ever want to remove the transmission. I also found...
  16. TR Conn

    Opto-Isolator wiring

    I got kinda klutsy while de-soldering U3 (opto isolator) and screwed up the board. I need to jumper a couple of traces from the IC. I have the wiring diagram, but don?t know where to jumper to for pins 4, 5 and 6. Thanks for any helpful hints.
  17. TR Conn

    VP Carpet Kit (122)

    Does anyone know if the carpet kits offered by VP have enough extra material on the transmission hump to allow for modification to fit a (140) trans housing for the short shifter? Would the trans tunnel section from an 1800 fit? Thanks, -TR
  18. TR Conn

    B230FT Stinks

    My B230FT smells like it has a lot of blow-by when idling. Most of it enters the passenger compartment through the loose shift boot, but it shouldn't smell that bad anyway. The oil separator and hoses are clear, compression is 165 on all cylinders, all of the hoses are intact, the spark plugs...
  19. TR Conn

    B20 crank sensor wheel

    I'm taking the next step with my B20 Megasquirt install and am working on the ignition. I've been using the points for the timing so far and I'm looking for ways to install a crank trigger wheel. Dale (Avalanche) made nice ones, but they were underdrive pulleys and I would like to keep the stock...