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  1. Tanglefoot

    240 Charging issues and rough running

    The Car: 1991 240, automatic This car has had the SRS light on for the entirety of the time I've been driving it (the whole last month). There has been a bit of belt squeal, and occasionally, the high beam indicator will glow. Driving home from a trip to see my girlfriend's grandmother, I...
  2. Tanglefoot

    240 1991 240 nagging No Start issue

    Patient: 1991 240 Sedan, automatic, bone stock This started off as my sister's car, and over the last 7 years has been driven very sporadically. The last two and a half years, the car has sat. I'm now putting it back into daily driver status (hopefully). The current problem is the engine has...
  3. Tanglefoot

    Tool Kits

    Not sure the right spot for this, but I figured that it's relevant to Volvo and there will hopefully be pics, thus showroom. I've started DD'ing a '93 240 wagon. I've always had a tool kit in my car (1/2" drive ratchet set, vice grips, screw drivers, channel locks, a hammer, zip ties and PB...
  4. Tanglefoot

    Headlight creativity

    Or rather, the request to see some. I'm getting more and more sick of the ****ty headlights of my 240 daily driver (1993 wagon). I've seen some modifications to these, both stock such as changing to E-codes, and not, such as hacking into the housing to put a modern bulb assembly in. Anyone...
  5. Tanglefoot

    240 Non running 244 - fuel issues

    The car in question is a 1980 244. It was driven to our house, and still needed some attention. It has a hard start issue - crank and crank and crank without starting. If it caught, it wouldn't stay running you gave it gas (wouldn't idle at all - drop below about 1200 and it would die). It...
  6. Tanglefoot

    Yet another engine swap thread

    As yet another person who is bringing up the idea of putting a non Volvo into our beloved cars, I apologize to those who are offended at the idea. There, that's out of the way. In my possession currently is a parts car of the 240 variety. Body's in good shape, transmission (M47) has been...
  7. Tanglefoot

    240 Windows won't go up and door ajar warning buzzer on

    That about sums it up. I was coming downhill around a corner, foot on the brakes and putting the two rear windows down. The door ajar warning comes on (at least I think it's the door ajar - the constant ding ding ding). I have my passengers open and close their doors, to no avail. Then when...
  8. Tanglefoot

    Where does the "magic" happen?

    I occasionally post on another forum focusing on air cooled Volkswagens (volksrods.com) and they have a great thread showcasing the work spaces they use. I'm curious to see what the Volvo community has. I know I alternate between parking lots, the driveway of my house at school, and the garage...
  9. Tanglefoot

    Rear suspension install

    Well, I did the first major upgrade to my 240 a few weeks back, and am just finally getting around to uploading the pictures. My driveway at school has a wicked steep slope, and every time I came home, the gas tank would scrape (I know this because I looked under the car the last time the oil...
  10. Tanglefoot

    Are these toast?

    On the assumption that my motor mounts had kicked the bucket, I ordered new ones and was going to replace them tonight. However, this is what the old ones look like: Drivers side: Passenger side: Are these actually dead? To my (very inexperienced) eye, they look like they still have...
  11. Tanglefoot

    Suspension gurus! Opinions, advice and criticism requested

    My car ('90 n/a 240 - totally stock) is in some serious need of suspension attention. The rear is getting hammered on almost every bump that I drive over, and the exhaust system is in jeopardy of getting torn off on my driveway entrance (which happens to be a 20 degree angle of asphalt). This...
  12. Tanglefoot

    Not sure what's broken, but something is.

    I drive a 1990 240 5 speed n/a. At the moment, it has at least one engine mount that is in less than stellar shape. This was causing it (or so I thought) to have some knocking when it started and when I cornered hard (not like engine knock, but like part of the engine was hitting somewhere in...
  13. Tanglefoot

    Video of Firebreathing Monster in action?

    Sorry for being a little inept guys, but I searched through the forum and couldn't find it. :oops::oops: I know there was one on YouTube, and I tried looking there, and couldn't find it either. I meant to bookmark it, and obviously forgot too - help with the link? Thanks!
  14. Tanglefoot

    Question about massive swaybars

    The option for me to acquire a set of 30/28mm sway bars has arisen. The price is currently in the neighborhood of $250. Unfortunately, money is a little tight at the moment (as usual, really), but the seller is willing to hold on to them for me, if I will buy them. My question - is this over...
  15. Tanglefoot

    Radiator replacement question

    I did a quick search on this, and didn't get anything. My mother has a '90 240 that needs a new radiator. A friend is replacing it for us, and she's wondering how long it should take, so she can pay him for his time. This guy really knows his way around Volvos, so it's not a time estimate for...
  16. Tanglefoot

    Crazy drag Volvo

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but! <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/1zyDgepdRDY"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/1zyDgepdRDY" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  17. Tanglefoot

    View of my driveway

    Figured it was about time to put up some pictures of my family's cars. We all drive Volvo 240's - at the moment we have 5 (4 sedans and a wagon). All are stock, and daily drivers. I'm still working my photography skills, but here's what the driveway looks like most days :) Some of...
  18. Tanglefoot

    Headlight queries

    My entire family drives Volvo 240s - 3 244's ('88, '91, '93) and a 245 ('93). They are all stock ('cept for one which was converted from an auto to manual). They all have rather disappointing headlight power and range, especially compared to the modern cars. Has anyone else experienced this...
  19. Tanglefoot

    Parking brake question

    My sister was planning on taking her drivers test with one of the family Volvos - a 1991 244 automatic. However the parking brake didn't meet the approval of the DMV. According to my mechanic (who works exclusively on Volvos), the parking brake shoes are too small, and always fail. Is there...