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    1980 242 wiring diagram

    Looking specifically for where the green wire on the 8 pin connector on the main engine harness goes to. I've replaced the engine harness with an updated one, and am adding an oil pressure gauge. There is a green wire on the car side, but I can't see anything obvious under the dash as to where...
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    AW55 cruising RPM

    Anyone still rocking the AW55 behind a B21F? I've been driving one recently and on the highway it's spinning at 4000rpm at 110km/h, which seemed a little high. I thought it had the wrong diff, so I checked that out and it's a 3.73, which appears to be right. The car runs good, transmission...
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    rear radiator

    Does anyone have any info or pictures of a rear radiator steup in a 240? It would be in a car that will be used for ice racing, and is normally run for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time in below freezing temperatures. Speeds are between 30-90kph on track. I've seen a couple not so great...
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    Early 160 cylinder head air injection

    Does anyone know what size bolts are used for the air injection underneath the exhaust manifold? I picked up another beater ice racer and the previous owner disabled the air injection system. Three of the bolts are there and one appears to be missing. Can anyone help?
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    cable speedometer differences

    Does anyone know the differences in the cable speedometer units found on the early 80's cars? I swapped my 3.54 gears for some 3.73's and the speedo is a little out. I know about the different gears for the transmission, but the clusters from the two cars were different as well. The original...
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    M46 fluid

    Hello everyone, I've recently rebuilt the M46 in my '83 244. The transmission works fine and shifts like a champ, but it is time to replace the fluid. For the break-in period, I used a type F ATF as they recommend. I was looking for a good suitable synthetic replacement to fill it with now...
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    240 alignment specs

    I've almost finished the new control arms for my car and will most likely be aligning it this weekend. I searched through a few old threads and looked for some alignment specs that others have used. From what I've seen for autocross use people are running around zero toe, about -2 degrees of...
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    I think that the LSD in my car is on the way out. It's the clutch type Dana "power-lok", which I think are what the factory offered. Under heavy throttle exiting corners one rear tire on either side bursts into a fury of smoke. No chatter or anything, so I'm guessing it's worn out. I bought...
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    Control Arms

    Has anyone made wider control arms for the 240's? I've seen the wonderful units offered by blkaplan, but are a little out of my price range. My budget consists of a welder, some scrap metal and a little time. The plan is to add a bit of metal to the stock control arm. If done correctly this...
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    240 suspension upgrade

    Auto-x season is coming up and the suspension on my 242 needs an overhaul. Currently I'm running a 25 IPD bar in the front with nothing in the rear. The springs are 250# up front with adjustable height, and wagon overload coils in the rear. The shocks are Bilsteins all around and the front...
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    Air fuel gauge sensitivity

    How sensitive is the gauge that IPD sells to voltage? It's in a turboed' '76 240 with the battery in the rear. I know that it says to wire it directly to the battery. It's wired up with short power and grounds right now and always says lean, even it theres black smoke pouring out the...
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    Expanding foam in rockers?

    Has anyone done or heard of this? I read about some 240sx guys drilling out a couple holes in the tops of the rocker panels and filling it with an expanding foam. It expands to about double of what you pour and is very ridgid and light. Anyone know what it is, and if it works?
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    Coolant pressure

    Has anybody else had problems with excessive pressure in the cooling system at high RPM's? It's a B23E with a GMB water pump and above 7000rpm stuff breaks (hoses, heater core, block heater). I know it shouldn't be revved that high, but with the O.E. water pump it was never a problem.
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    Extractor exhaust system

    I searched around on the 'net and this site as well, and could not find a lot of specific information on the subject. I would like to construct an extractor exhaust for my '81 GLT with a B23E. This is what I made out of the info I found. In a 4-2-1 setup, cylinders #1 & #4 must join, and #2 &...
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    Low cost adjustable coilovers

    On the weekend I finally installed my adjustable coilover setup in my car. I used parts from the Coleman Racing site. Here's a few pics of the install and some questions about springs. The first thing I did was get some old struts to chop up while my car was still on the road. They were...
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    Bump Steer

    In a quest for a decent handling 242 I have decided to lower the car. This has proved satisfactory as a handling improvement. However, when encountering terrain that is not smooth as glass, bump steer is easily felt through steering feedback. While not seriously upsetting the car I think...
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    Does anyone know about the e-codes for 240's replacing the quad rectangular lights? I have a set in my car and the light is great on low and high beam. It just seems that when on highbeam there is a bit of a dark spot in front of the car. When holding the switch back (so high and low beams...
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    Valve spring options?

    I have been told that Volvo produced two different styles of valve springs for the stock OHC heads. Could the difference be between the b23/b230 engines or is it not? According to the greenbook specs for the b21, b23, etc. unloaded length is 45mm, loaded at 300N +/- 20 is 38mm, and at 750N +/-...
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    "Fake" O2 sensor

    If I was to run a K-jet system without Lambda, and wanted to have an A/F gauge what could I do? Would a "fake" O2 sensor from a lambda setup work? If I just used it for the A/F gauge would it be accurate, or does it need input from other sensors as well?
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    Leaky Manifold

    Has anybody mounted a t3 on the new style manifold and experienced some leakage? The manifold itself is not cracked, but where the turbo bolts to the manifold is leaking. Sort of like when the wastegate housing warps. I've had my machinist bore out the passage for the t3 and it wasnt warped...