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  1. turbo2door

    b21ft rebuild

    Its time for a rebuild. Where is a good source of rings, bearings, etc... Thanks
  2. turbo2door

    AZ Pavillions

    OK Peeps. Maxman and I are in to go to the Pavillions on Saturday. Who is in? Plan on leaving from the west side about 7ish. Would like to see some of you there.
  3. turbo2door

    TB party is here on the Westside AZ

    OK Im tired of being depressed and pissed at everything. So Im having a party and all Tbrickers are invited. Leave the drama at the door. If you are from out of town or passing through stop by all welcome. I will get a keg any other intoxicating substances must be provided by yourself. Any music...
  4. turbo2door

    I got a Garret ?

    I have an 84 242tic. My turbo is on its last leg and need to rebuild or replace and Im not sure which Garret turbo I have the plate is missing. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. We used Vadis to look it up and they list 14 different turbos for that year. The only way they can...
  5. turbo2door

    AZ cruise and meet

    I live in Phoenix AZ and I am looking for local Volvo nuts to start a cruise. I have atleast 4 others that would be onboard. I drive a rough 84 242tic and have a buddy that drives a 95 850t5-r. I know he is onboard and also a member of Turbo Bricks. Let me know.