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  1. schaff70

    240 Wheel adapter assitance

    Need some quick adapter assistance because I finally picked up some rubber for the BBS wheels for girl's car. Looking to get some adapters on order so I can install the wheels on the 5th while I'm back in Houston. Car is stock height right now, but I'll be installing new strut inserts and...
  2. schaff70

    Blue 92 - The Kid is Back

    The Civic wound up not working out. Too low for old Houston roads. The girl drives 30 minutes each way to work at a salon in the heights. It was partly a bad decision on my part. I let my wants interfere with what would have been practical. Sold the Civic on Monday. I was able to keep the new...
  3. schaff70

    Gold on Green

    First 2 pics were from last night - bad lighting. I couldn't wait until Thursday for some photos so I stopped by my daughter's work and drove her car into some sun for better lighting.
  4. schaff70

    740 Breather box blowout

    1991 740 wagon - replaced the breather box with a new one in November, flame trap is clean but the new breather box just split open and is leaking oil. Not sure what the cause might be - any suggestions? Car is with my son at school 3 hours away, but at least he works for a mechanic now and...
  5. schaff70

    740 S70 Seats into 740

    I was lucky enough to find a pair of tan leather manual front seats from an S70 last summer & picked them up on half-price weekend at PNP after reading through this thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=139713 The down side is there are no photos or instructions documenting...
  6. schaff70

    Momentum Volvo Owners Appreciation Day

    Momentum Volvo in Houston held their annual owners appreciation day this morning. Had a good turnout as far as Houston Volvos go. The dealer provided breakfast, siphoned coffee (?), a raffle and a DJ who was gracious enough to not have the volume set to 11, but a more conversation-friendly 5-6...
  7. schaff70

    240 Removing Shift Lock Override

    So my daughter's 91 244 is giving us trouble with the shift lock over ride system. I've read here that some have just pulled it out, but haven't really found a list of what to remove. I'm thinking I should be fine by just pulling the relay rather than the whole system. Would this solve my...
  8. schaff70

    740 Water pump leaking

    Installed a new water pump on the gold car. Had it together about a week with no issues. Went outside one day & found a puddle of coolant under the car. Pulled it into the garage & pulled it apart. The o-ring for the hard side pipe was torn. Ordered a new gasket kit, put sealant on the gasket...
  9. schaff70

    740 1991 740 Speedometer

    I need help troubleshooting the faulty speedometer in the gold car. I took off the connector at the rear diff, cleaned the connection and coated the exposed wires with liquid electrical tape hoping this would fix the problem, but it didn't. Where should I look next? The prices for a new speed...
  10. schaff70

    740 Front strut removal - stuck

    Pulling te front struts on the gold 740 tonight. Followed some good directions after searching about disconnecting the tie rod end, sway bar end link & brake line bracket so the strut will swing down for removal. Got that much done, spring compressed, strut bearing removed, spring is off...
  11. schaff70

    The uncoolest college car

    So last summer my son was driving a perfect running, but cosmetically challenged 1998 V6 2WD 4Runner. He started whining about wanting to learn to drive stick & wasn't happy with the 4Runner. The 4Runner was also due for a timing belt and tires which would run me close to $1200 on a vehicle that...
  12. schaff70

    Girl's Gone Green

    There are times in a parent's life when you have to make some difficult decisions. With a son in college and a daughter that is 16 I can't justify having a car in the garage that rarely gets driven or I am too tired/broke to take care of everything that it needs. I was made an offer for a trade...
  13. schaff70

    240 Parts ID help

    This winter I've decided to try and eliminate as many of the no longer in use wires under the hood as I can. I have 2 parts on the passenger side near the firewall that I have no idea what they are. Part 1 is the white component on the left with the blue wire. Part 2 is on a bracket attached to...
  14. schaff70

    Injector ID

    Odd story, A couple years ago when I finished driving the Tail of the Dragon in NC I was hanging out at the entrance when some kid in an E30 comes running up all excited to see another Volvo. Proceeds to tell me about his 740 turbo. End story - he has been carrying a set of injectors he was...
  15. schaff70

    oil catcher?

    I've traced my major oil leak to part of the PCV system under the intake. I pulled the black box like the one below (marked part number 1306399). There is no hose coming off the top leading anywhere and there are no openings anywhere on the engine/intake for a hose connected to this box. I'm...
  16. schaff70

    Fcking neighbors & HOAs

    Car was parked on the street for less than 24 hours last night while I was organizing the garage. Came out this morning to find this: HOA states cars cannot be parked on the street for more than 48 hours. I parked it there yesterday at 4pm. HOA has been notified & police called for...
  17. schaff70

    Houston Volvo Meet

    Had a good turn out this morning. I'm too tired to write about it so here are the photos. Link to the rest http://s304.beta.photobucket.com/user/schaff70/library/HoustonVolvo?page=1
  18. schaff70

    Houston Coffee & Cars March edition

    After running out of gas 2 miles from home this morning I was lucky to make it to within 100 feet of a gas station. Thankfully there was a truck there loaded up with ATVs who had a gas can I could use to get the car started & to the pump. Got there just after 6am & got a good spot. I didn't...
  19. schaff70

    Houston Cars & Coffee

    January's meet was 42 degrees & rain, so I didn't make it out, but today was sunny & clear. I got there 45 minutes early & had to park around back because all the spots out front were full already. I was told to get there "before sunrise" if you wanted a good spot, but I had no idea. There...
  20. schaff70

    Meanwhile in the jungle room.....

    Off with the old in with the new With the new vinyl on the hood I should finally be able to achieve ludicrous speed.