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  1. Joe_Diesel

    Wheel Fitment/Experiences 700 Series

    So I want a set of these wheels I found on eBay for my 1989 780 Bertone which currently has 6Jx15 ET25 multi X wheels with 205/60 R15 tires on it and stock suspension all the way around with nivomatic shocks that do sag down after a day or so almost to where I feel like it would sit on larger...
  2. Joe_Diesel

    NA 240 Cam Swap, Is Tuning Needed?

    So I've got a 1991 240 NA Auto, got it for free from a family friend who knows I love Volvo's. Its not beautiful but its solid and all there, older ladies car. Its probably just gunna end up being my winter bomber to drift around and keep my 780 out of the salt. I'd like to stick low budget, so...
  3. Joe_Diesel

    What steering rack do I have?

    I've done plenty of reading, I think I have read every thread and post I could find regarding ZF vs CAM. I don't care which is better or swapping of any of that. I simply want to know which I have and I have 0 info set in stone as to what a ZF looks like, from my guess it's a ZF because it...
  4. Joe_Diesel

    780 Power Steering Cold Start

    Ive got a 1989 780. Until it warms up and you drive it for a few mins, the power steering is incredibly tough to steer to the left. After a few turns though its fine.
  5. Joe_Diesel

    1989 780 Bertone Front Valance Alternatives

    Extremely bummed out, can't even explain. Driving someone home last night, drove over/brushed up on a pretty tough snowbank, more than I thought. Noticed my front valance was missing after work, went back and it was in pieces, destroyed. I understand they're pretty hard to come by as it is, and...
  6. Joe_Diesel

    780 Gauge Placement Options/Recommendations

    Is there any such thing as a 700 series dual pillar gauge? I had triple pillar gauges on my Powerstroke and eventually I realized how distracting they were and how much less I could really see in that direction, especially at night (granted I skipped wiring in the dimmer switch, my fault). I...
  7. Joe_Diesel

    1989 780 Bertone Seat Functions Not Working

    Ever since I bought the car, my heated seats don't work, but the switches light up. The driver side seat has many power options but the only working one is the forward and backward of the track of the seat, it won't even unlock to let someone climb in the back. My cruise control also doesn't...
  8. Joe_Diesel

    1989 780 Turbo Idle/Misfire?

    I've got a 1989 780 Bertone Turbo and in the past month I've done new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, belts, and I'm sure I'm missing some stuff. Anyway, I noticed whoever put the last cap and rotor on must have broke the plastic clip and pinched the wiring of...
  9. Joe_Diesel

    B230FT Complete Vacuum Line Restoration Kit?

    I've got a 1989 780 Bertone 2.3 Turbo, not that mine are leaking or broken, that I was looking to purchase a full vacuum line kit to replace them all, pre cut/good to go. Possibly even in a snazzy color to freshen up the engine bay. Does this exist? I did a quick google search and checked IPD...
  10. Joe_Diesel

    B230FT Unequal Length Headers..

    Just crossed my mind that it may produce a very unique exhaust note. Has it been done? And if so, does it work? *HEADER, singlular. Sorry
  11. Joe_Diesel

    1989 780 Upgraded Sway Bars

    My 1989 780 Bertone needs new inner/outer tie rod's and front sway bar links. Well I'm at it, is there an upgraded, more performance oriented, sway bar setup I could switch to?
  12. Joe_Diesel

    Opinions on Tinted Windows/Windshields

    So I've had just about all my cars tinted and I love it. Never a windshield though, I probably have around 30% all the way around at the moment maybe 35%, it's old tint though. So coming up I'm going to be re-tinting the whole car. It is a daily driver, and I live in the city now. I was...
  13. Joe_Diesel

    Let's See Those 780 Bertone's

    Ive been daily driving a 780 Bertone for 6 months now since I bought it and I love it. Continues to grow on me, more and more. I have to find out how to upload attachments, but let's see everyone else's.
  14. Joe_Diesel

    Aftermarket Boost Gauge in Placement of Stock...

    I know I've been starting a lot of threads lately, but I like others input. I don't want to put a bunch of gauges all over my dash as my previous vehicles I found them distracting, has anyone had any experience with this aftermarket (stock looking) boost gauges in placement of the factory one in...
  15. Joe_Diesel

    Tinted Windshields... Opinions

    I think I'm posting in the right section, correct me if I'm not. I personally like to tint my windows all around but I usually run a small brow on the windshield or nothing. Pretty soon in the next couple weeks, they're retinting my car because the current tint is old and I'm going darker...
  16. Joe_Diesel

    To Trust or Not To Trust Ebay Turbos?

    I've always been curious about eBay turbos but I see a lot of people use them and they seem to work. So with that said, anyone has experience with them? Quality, reliability, fitting, etc...
  17. Joe_Diesel

    D24TIC Engine Swap or Build, Anyone?

    I love the sound of the D24TIC but the diesel Volvos are extremely rare here in the US to my knowledge. Anyone ever done anything with them? I'd be curious to know
  18. Joe_Diesel

    B230FT Wideband O2's and A/F Gauges

    So for tuning and monitoring purposes, I know Ill need a wideband O2 sensor but how will it communicate with the computer? Do I need a different ECU/fuel control like megasquirt or a chipped ECU to run a wideband? What companies do you guys recommend? I've used glow shift in the past for my...
  19. Joe_Diesel

    1989 780 Bertone Locker?

    What axle is in these 780 turbo Bertone's? I know they're IRS and I've had it on a lift I should have looked but i feel like I can't find a locker, or a posi diff that bolts in for my car. It was so easy to find a TrueTrac and any sort of diff I wanted for my Powerstroke. I don't want to go the...
  20. Joe_Diesel

    LH2.2 to MegaSquirt or LH2.2 to 2.4 then MegaSquirt

    I've been trying to get my hands on a chip or way to tune my LH2.2 ECU but it seems like its pretty tough, and I don't know how far I would go with power but who knows I might just need more and more and the process of it all is fun anyways. I've been doing a lot of reading on LH2.2 and tuning...