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    740 90- fog lights installation instructions

    Thanks, this is really helpful! Saw in your thread that you later replaced them with generic yellow ones?
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    740 90- fog lights installation instructions

    Hey brick people! Managed to score a used set of said fog lights an planning to install them on my 97' 940 wagon. The installation requires cutting holes to the front bumper which makes me a bit nervous. The set originally came with installation instructions (which i don't have) which had paper...
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    940 Volvo factory stereo wiring (4 vs 8 ohm impedance)

    I want to upgrade the speakers on my 97' 940. I would like to keep the original Volvo head unit (i like the period correct look) and add an amplifier but i'm a bit confused on how the factory wiring is set up. The original HU is 4 ohm (CR-916) but all the speakers in the doors seem to be 8 ohm...