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    965 mk2 front strut swap

    yes but i am looking something more, like B6 bilsteins
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    965 mk2 front strut swap

    Hi, I have a mk2 '95 Volvo 965. With new design front strut (like the 850). But it is pain in a** to find some fine shocks for the front. Seems like i have 2 solutions : Use 850 front struts and adapt strut bushings or tower to receive the shocks. Or can i use 960 mk1 front shocks assembly...
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    [960] wideband install

    Hi, Have anyome change the stock lambda sensor by a wideband on a b6254f 960? Would like to upgrade and don't have 2 sensor, use the wideband on the motronic with correct setup on the wideband controler. Any fault code?
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    [960mk2] hand brake cable

    Hi, on my '95 mk2 965, i have to change my hand brake cables. It seems that i have to drop complete rearend frame. Have anybody ever change this cable? Thanks a lot for infos
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    Not ordinary Volvo

    Hi all, I am here for a long long time, i have several, perhaps too much car, depending point of view. But for a few years i want to by a Volvo Lorry/truck. First i would like to find a F83 with a Volvo V8 engine. Crazy idea. Never be imported to france. Find several in sweden but still hard to...
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    Dry sump question

    Hey, Can you help me with my dry sump problem. What kind of capacity must have each pump element?
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    Looking for aftermarket crankshaft pulley

    Hi, I am looking for a aftermarket crankshaft pulley with a trigger wheel on it. Or some drawing for adapt something on the stock one. Thanks a lot
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    [issue] LH2.2 Hall sensor + MS2

    Hi, I have issue with a LH2.2 type hall sensor on a redblock (on a 740, so a cam type sensor) with a V3.57 MS2 Extra with last code. No problem with reading RPM, configured it in trigger return mode, set R52 et R56 and this is OK. I have a direct coil ignition via stock BIP on MS. I can't have...
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    [760] short spring

    Hi, Does anyone know any compatible lowered rear spring for a '89 sedan 760 with IRS? I don't find anything for mk1 IRS. I am close to get mine on road again after 10 years. Thanks a lot
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    [E85] LH Chip burning

    Hi, I am trying to make E85 chip for a stock B200FT ('91 940 in france) Have bought burner, chip and have some xp in this domain. MS is not on way on this car (sister daily) Have any of you have a base bin for that kind of modification? Thanks a lot
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    MPG build

    Hi, I probably have to make a good commuter for my new job (arround 90km on way). I have my 855 Tdi for this for the moment but want to came back to a more desirable engine :) The chassis will be a 745, actually B230E/ZF HP22 autogear box. MS1 (Fuel + spark) + E85. The B230 need to be rebuild...
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    Custom Exh. Mani

    Hi, Wanna build a custom tubular manifold for a Turbo Redblock. I ordered and received a Turbo merge collector for T3 with 48x3mm connector. Allready have a waterjet cut flange for 8v. But only have 1.6 and 2 mm thick SS bend tube. What do you usually use to build your own collector? PS...
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    [Help] Ms v2.2 comm trouble

    Hi, I have a comm issue on a V2.2 board. Have made with succes Loopback Test, but with 3 differents processor (2 MS2 and 1 MS1) have no answer to any request. Have test with 2 different comm port. Try to flash the MS1 processor and have ", answer to flash request (instead of "). Have check +5V...
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    Solution for MS connector

    Hi, Like everybody i am bording with the Sub D 37 MS connector. This morning i found something like this I always fix ms in the car not in the engine bay so... What do you think?
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    Looking for LONGER 240 shocks

    Hi, I am looking for longer Volvo 240 Rear Shocks, Are BLAZER S10 longer? I am looking for change my C202 all corner shocks and looking for some bilstein than i can mont. And they look like 240 rear shocks but longer. I will prepare some pictures
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    "My precious" '97 S70

    Hi, I just grab back from my barn my '97 Volvo S70. It stay 1 year off road and before i share it a friend for a year too. Now it is time to make something with it. I have a problem with pressure in water probably due to a headgasket/head job to do. I have plans to build a strong 2.3 HPT...
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    EU/Ring August 2015

    Hi, The OldTimer GP is on 7/8 August this year. I purpose to organise a EU Meet this weekend, to drive on the NordSchleife and go on the OldTimer meeting. I probably take my Camper+trailor+242T to drive a little and stay on saturday evening/night. So guys tell me how interest?
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    kjet intake manifold?

    Hi, What Kjet intake flow better? stock B21et? or the rectangular on NA kjet? Go to tune a B21et for a friend to swap his B21E in a '79 244GLE. So i will port head and manifolds and turbo housing. Thanks for advice.
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    1997 - 945 D24Tic build

    Hi, My Volvo dealer give me a 945 with 450 000km with dead engine for free. Car is very clean, with a M90 :) I have find a fresh D24T engine for parts (leaking oil head gasket). going to port head, rebuild with fresh seal (allready have it) get a K24 turbo from a 850 Tdi. Going to post some...
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    How to Block Exhaust VVt?

    Hi, Considering swaping a 2.4T S60 T5 engine in my '97 LPT S70 with MS it. I have read that the exhaust VVt is not in any perfomance apply, it is used in emission and cat t? raising. So to not have to buy a MS3 to get the VVT solenoid running (allready have 2 ms2 v3 board @ home) i think i am...