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  1. 916volvosport

    240 head exhaust stud repair with durafix?

    has anyone tried to fix exhaust stud holes that had inserts installed before (so the hole is pretty big) that has gone bad? looks like durafix is pretty promising that i can diy at home.
  2. 916volvosport

    240 won't start, turn over, or start when jumping starter solenoid

    this is my 1981 volvo.. it's been having some electrical blues lately. i recharged my redtop optima from the grave and it still won't start. i get dash lights... but no clicks or anything.. i then check the voltage at the start.. just a tad above 11 volts.. not as good, but something...
  3. 916volvosport

    *feeler* sacramento dyno day spring break+tri tip

    those that came in august years back knows how its done... all 30+ of you.. we all got trashed and swam in the pool.. played drunken xbox, etc. i'm feeling you guys out.. i have no idea when spring break is.. i'm kinda drunk right now
  4. 916volvosport

    94-95 850 no start, no dash lights, headlights work

    my friends 850 isn't liking her lately. i haven't checked out her car yet. i might check it out wednesday. her headlights turn on, but her dash lights do not turn on. the car doesn't even crank. i suspect a burnt fusible link.. anyone else have any suggestions?
  5. 916volvosport

    o6 west vs east vs the world??

    is there anything going on this year for drag strip challenges? it seems like last year's ended up not happening *shrugs*
  6. 916volvosport

    relationship between fan blower and 2dr unlocking system?

    i don't have everything wired up, but i'm testing the stuff out before i put everything back together.. please don't respond with a one liner "your wires are crossed" or "you have a bad ground".... that does not help.. so i've reconnected several grounds. and i found out the hard way if you...
  7. 916volvosport

    northern california dyno + bbq day round 2, january 2006

    nothing official yet, but i'm brewing something up again.. however dyno day will be slightly different.. well, really different.. cept it'll still be at svs.. also, the bbq will be the same evening.. dyno portion will consist of 8-10 people, prepayment of 65 dollars (yes, 100% deposit), but...
  8. 916volvosport

    Northern California Hot August Nights Gallery (no 56k)

    Northern California Hot August Nights Gallery yeah.. i didn't take many pics.. T-Bone did though.. not sure when she'll get hers up -patg
  9. 916volvosport

    Northern California Hot August Nights BBQ August 6, 2005!!

    how does a bbq on august 6, 2005 sound? my place..... 9061 langshire ct elk grove, ca 95624 (2.x miles from doug's shop) TIME: 3:30PM - 9PM (or until people leave) yeap.. i think i've got something brewing.. location would be at my parents place.. they've always told me they would like to...
  10. 916volvosport

    *official* Northern California Dyno Day (Sacramento)

    Date: August 5, 2005 Time: 8:30am to 6pm Location: Sacramento Volvo Service (SVS) Hours, Location, info: http://sacvolvo.com/ and http://www.svsrnd.com Cost: 65/car (for 10 people.......54 per car if we get 12 cars) Included in dyno: 3 pulls, wideband o2 up tailpipe, and boost readout (if you...
  11. 916volvosport

    240:replaced all bushings in rear, can't get sway bar in place

    car: 1981 volvo 240 2 door before i start, please don't be a mindless dip**** replying to this post, but in reality you don't know what you speak of..cough..cough.. on with the show: i replaced the broken torque rods with the ipd adjustable torque rods. i replaced the trailing rod bushings...
  12. 916volvosport

    *proposed* Northern California Dyno Day (Late July, 2005)

    I don't feel like rewriting the email i posted to sacramento vcoa.. so here it is: roster: jeffm6809 vcoa gary sellstrom vcoa/tbricks doug (tbricks almighty god) justin (blu92in99) pat (the one and only.. all others are fakes) fake pat #1 (Brickster151) fredgallaher sean conrad vcoa kiri...
  13. 916volvosport

    215/60/15 on a 242 turbo... yes or no?

    wow.. it's another one of my straight forward, no maybes and bullshizt allowed type of question... will a 215 60 15 be fine on a 1981 240 turbo 2 door with stock turbo rims? in other words (and to go into further detail), will a 215 60 15 tire rub on a 242 turbo lowered with a perfectly...
  14. 916volvosport

    b21ft kjet walbro 240 tank.. looking for definite answer

    that's right.. i want a definite answer.. not a "maybe" or "it should".. something cut and dry.. got it? i keep running out of luck with intank pumps (pump, sock, or hose) in my 240. so i'm wondering if i can use a walbro since everybody says pretty much they are God's best invention...
  15. 916volvosport

    wierd noise.. hard to explain..

    sounds like a bearing in the tranmission.. (after thunderhill track day) did getrag 265 swap.. same noise.. tried another getrag 265.. same noise.. tried a verified good known working pressureplate.. same noise.. even a new throwout bearing.. the noise goes away when i disengage the...
  16. 916volvosport

    81 240 turbo..high co low nox failed smog

    i replaced the o2 sensor, cat, muffler, cleaned k&n air cleaner, replaced the broken pcv, adjusted dwell (fluctuated between 40 and 50).. i tried searching the forum and brickboard.. no previous answers.. valves are adjusted and vx3 cam advanced 6 degrees.. here's the readout: 15mph: co2...
  17. 916volvosport

    summer project #2: cylinder head + cam + cooling

    so the first project was the getrag 265 conversion.. went well!.. my second project since my head gasket blown is to do a minor rebuild on another head (160), new upper gaskets, coolant lines w/ new resevoir and water wetter, and i'm going to test the vx3 cam.. i was happy with the t cam...
  18. 916volvosport

    blown head gasket :-(

    398 bcp vs 398 scp and t vs vx(3) (was: blown head gasket :-() not cool.. first the car overheated from thunderhill coming home (not counting the tranny noise).. filled it up.. no problem.. then the fan relay died.. replaced that refill coolant.. ran fine.. however it was hesitating at 7 psi...
  19. 916volvosport

    getrag update...

    still breaking in the new clutch with the getrag 265 tranny.. pulls nice.. however, here's the sad part.. i suspect a warped pressure plate or something faulty about it over the years of abuse.. this is the centerforce dual friction pressure plate. i get this funny gear-like noise.. i...
  20. 916volvosport

    YaY! woohoo!! 99.9% completed getrag swap!

    uhh.. heh ...heh heh.. yeah.. IT'S ALIVE!! http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?p=176356#post176356 woohoo! just gotta hook the rest of the downpipe.. not liking me -patg