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  1. Sjeng

    Spartan locker install: Gap too large

    Hello turbobricks, I'm building a 1031 rear axle in which I want to install a spartan locker. Donor axle is a 1997 940 one. The manual states that the locker should be installed without any thrust washers. Also, it states that the spec for distance between two halves should be between .145 and...
  2. Sjeng

    1988 740 16v?

    1988 740 16v I would like to share the progress of my cars with some people, so I'm making a project thread! First lets share some of my Volvo history. I had several whiteblock volvo's, but I have always wanted a RWD Volvo. Gave the C70 to my GF, and bought myself a 1997 940 (B230fk + M90)...
  3. Sjeng

    MS2 Ignition Issue

    Hello guys, I have a ignition problem on my MS2 car. Car specs: Volvo 940 Stock B234F Stock LH 60-2 flywheel and VR sensor 10K resistor inline with VR+ Shielded wire Huco 2 channel ignition module Wasted spark coil My first goal is to set the base timing. First tried a #1 tooth angle of 87...
  4. Sjeng

    740 1988 b230k: hesitation at low engine speeds.

    Hello, Just bought a carburetted 1988 740. The car has a stumble or hesitation between 1000 and 2000 rpm. After the initial stumble the car pulls well. Problems seem worse when cold. I have no experience with carbs. What should i look for except for obvious vacuum leaks and clogging? Any...
  5. Sjeng

    Ford 4.6 valve springs: Part number?

    Anyone have a Ford part number for these springs? (b234 use) The VS1632 I can only find in the states and shipping is more expensive than the springs. :lol: (im in europe) Or any other cheap alternatives for a b234f head?
  6. Sjeng

    940 Lost key. How do I open this car?

    As title mentions. Lost key, 1990 940. I think I can order a new key from the dealer if I have the VIN. However, how do I find the VIN if I can't open the hood? So how do I open this car without causing damage? All help is appreciated.
  7. Sjeng

    B234F+T experiences

    I just bought a 940 16V. The car is from december 1990. Does this have 13mm rods? Or is there no way to tell? Who has +T'd these engines with the high compression ratio? Doable or is it better to put the B234 head on a 8v turbo engine? I know from my VW days for those engine head spacers to...
  8. Sjeng

    940 Fuel pump wire location?

    Hello tbricks, I am looking for the +12V wire which goes to the fuel pump. Any idea which wire this is/where to find it? Reason I ask is because I am converting to MS and this is the last bit of wiring I need to sort. Kind regards
  9. Sjeng

    Bosch 0227100203 ignition module: Going high or going low?

    I am testing the MS2 I built into my 940. I think I just fried my ignition module during the spark testing. Wanted to test the spark using the tunerstudio test mode, and it did work. However my ignition module got extremely hot very quickly. (touching it HURT) Now it does not produce a spark...
  10. Sjeng

    Twin scroll turbo: Divider not flush with rest of flange

    Turbo is a S200G 54/56, never used. I notice that the divider between ports is not flush with the rest of the flange: 1: Any idea why the manufacturer would do this? 2: Is it worth it to have milled flat or is it not critical for response? Kind regards
  11. Sjeng

    MS Questions: LH VR sensor, and dwell settings

    Hello, I am changing to MS2 on my 940. I will be using the stock redblock VR sensor, which has 3 pins. one VR+, one VR- and a shield (ground). 1. Which pin corresponds to which connection? IIRC Pin 2 is VR-, what about 1 and 3? 2. Is it necessary/recommended to use a shielded wire from...
  12. Sjeng

    Alternatives for Volvo 740/940 top mounts

    Ever since I changed to coilovers, I noticed how bad the stock top mounts are. They move a lot and even are noisy. I can't tighten them any more than I already have. Are there any decent alternatives available? Many thanks
  13. Sjeng

    Dog Dish Flywheel and high torque

    Are dog dish flywheels safe to use or not? I read horror stories about exploding flywheels, but what is the actual cause of this? What are your dogdish experiences good or bad? And yes, I know they are heavy.
  14. Sjeng

    Pedal feel with 302mm brakes

    I just installed C70 302mm front brakes onto my '97 940. I notice I need to press the pedal a little bit further and it is not as stiff as before. Is this to be expected because of the piston diameter (no idea if there is a difference) or did I not bleed correctly?
  15. Sjeng

    Crankcase vent has gasoline smell

    940T. I routed the crankcase vent to a catch can instead of the intake. I noticed that the vented gases smell like gasoline. Engine oil is new. To what degree is this expected?
  16. Sjeng

    High rpm tacho problems, 940 with wasted spark

    I am running wasted spark ignition on my 940. Using the miata (mitsu j702t) power stage which also has a tach output. The tach output of the power stage is low voltage, and my instrument cluster requires a high voltage. So I used this circuit to generate a high voltage signal, as suggested in...
  17. Sjeng

    940: Vibrations under heavy load

    940: Vibrations under heavy load Since I upped the boost on my LPT I have the following issue. At WOT, when the turbo kicks in and the torque starts to increase, I can feel (and hear) vibrations until approximately 3-3500 rpm. At higher engine speeds the vibrations are not present. These...
  18. Sjeng

    D-camshaft in B230FT, too much overlap?

    Currently have a stock T cam in my b230. I have a D cam laying around here. At 11.2mm lift it could be an improvement over the T cam. However, what worries me is that there is 20 degrees of overlap at 1mm(0.025") lift. (lash taken into account). For comparison, this is only 8 degrees for the...
  19. Sjeng

    3 Inch exhaust: how to get it more quiet?

    I have been using my homemade 3" exhaust for 2 weeks, and yesterday I removed it because the droning was driving me crazy. I now run my 3 inch downpipe into the stock 940T exhaust. This is very quiet but you won't believe how much torque this killed. The 3 inch system looks like this: -No cat...
  20. Sjeng

    K-line Datalogging in 940 SE

    I would like to log data using my KKL vagcom cable, using the modified 937 BIN by Beepee, as described here: http://ipdown.net/jetronic.info/tiki-index.php?page=LH+2.4+Datalogging I need to connect to the K-line with my KKL cable. Where can this K-line (pin 12 at ECU I understand) be found or...