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  1. Bloody244

    show your wheels!

    do you have pictures or videos of the car when it was in its prime? i love it sad to hear it got crushed
  2. Bloody244

    Red Block Society body kit

    he was talking about using pictures of my car for tshirts he said i would get free stuff and then never heard of him again idk why i believed him i read about him before and i thought he might have changed
  3. Bloody244

    Takes years to get coolant hot

    so i found that the sensor voltages somehow got changed after i updated the ecu and i believe that must be the issue i will check monday with the temp gun that finally arrived
  4. Bloody244

    Takes years to get coolant hot

    so i installed a new water pump, 2 different thermostats, a new coolant cap and nothing fixes the issue car just decided that it wont get to operating temp a year ago. at least it extends my E fans life if it never has to turn on if i sit in traffic for a while it gets up to temp but when i go...
  5. Bloody244

    B23FT CAMS

    the powdercoat for the extra .1 mm of lift? lmao
  6. Bloody244

    injectors are too short. modifying fuel rail?

    there are injector spacers you can buy
  7. Bloody244

    New member

    its him. welcome
  8. Bloody244

    91' 240 Electrical Issues

    automatic or manual?
  9. Bloody244

    What turbo for 300bhp redbock

    yea that cam wasnt the best choice he made
  10. Bloody244

    (Not*) Mediocre 242

    i will think about it
  11. Bloody244

    (Not*) Mediocre 242

    yes how for how much?
  12. Bloody244

    (Not*) Mediocre 242

    did you sell it? or do you still have it
  13. Bloody244

    Weird Engine sound at only 15 psi

    found out it was a safety cut at 15psi. that somehow turned on it decreased timing and added 50% fuel so yea
  14. Bloody244

    Weird Engine sound at only 15 psi

    So everytime it reaches 15psi it does this sound right at 5k rpm in the video plugs, dizzy cap, Coil and wires have like 1000km on em any idea on how i can fix that haha
  15. Bloody244

    Rear seat delete

    https://www.mkmotorsport.se/products/brandvagg-volvo-240-244-242/ i would get this. but for you shipping might be a bit high to the US
  16. Bloody244

    +T problems with car stalling/idle surging

    i had this issue with it running bad when i +T my 240 the ecu i got was problematic so when i installed the N/A ecu it ran fine but with the turbo one it ran horrible i just bought another turbo ecu that fixed it till i blew it up at too high boost
  17. Bloody244

    +T problems with car stalling/idle surging

    i never ran a bov or recirc valve on my 240 never had any issues with turbos.
  18. Bloody244

    Wheels for 300kmh run

    that was the stock engine haha the one that got windowed
  19. Bloody244

    Wheels for 300kmh run

    i got pilot sports 4s for 300kmh
  20. Bloody244

    Wheels for 300kmh run

    so which stock volvo wheel (rwd preferably) would you run? i dont think the hydras i got on it now. would be a good choice for 300kmh