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  1. Mr. V

    Lack of repair manuals

    My Volvos are old and I have the Blue Book and others for them, but my inquiry was about our 2021 Mazda Cx-5 Turbo.
  2. Mr. V

    Lack of repair manuals

    I regret that Chilton and Haynes no longer seem to make DIY repair manuals for newer cars. Are there any companies making printed manuals for newer cars, or is it all online stuff from the mfr. these days?
  3. Mr. V

    aw70L trouble.... full rebuild or small adjustment?

    This link might be of benefit .... https://www.brickboard.com/FAQ/700-900/TransmissionAuto.htm Always pull the dipstick and smell the fluid: avoid if it smells at all burnt.
  4. Mr. V

    Mold on cardboard door card, can I save it?

    I sealed the back of the door card on my 244 Turbo with rattle can undercoating: seems to work OK.
  5. Mr. V

    central locking issue

    1982 244 Turbo with power / central locking glitch. I've done repairs but still have a glitch: sometimes when using the key to open the driver's door the locks on the other three doors activate but not fully, not enough to be useful. I replaced relays and rebuilt the door switch assembly using...
  6. Mr. V

    1981 DL - Sudden No Crank

    Dave sells a variety of connectors, have you checked his site? https://www.prancingmoose.com/blackvinyl.html#sealedbulletplugs
  7. Mr. V

    M46 3rd Gear Trouble

    I bought my '82 244 Turbo over 20 years ago; it had almost 200K miles on it. Since then I've gone through TWO replacement transmissions. These brick can seemingly run forever, but yeah, the moving parts wear out.
  8. Mr. V

    How big of a pain is an M46 rebuild?

    I'm thinking of having my spare M-46 gone through / rebuilt for future use, but I don't want to do it myself; anybody in the Pac NW do this any more?
  9. Mr. V

    Best way to unfreeze 242 doors

    I used a heat gun recently to unfreeze the locks on my 244 Turbo.
  10. Mr. V


    Here ya go...
  11. Mr. V

    No spark, no start, totally out of ideas

    Are you getting spark to the coil when you crank it?
  12. Mr. V

    Another wiper motor thread…..

    Also use sand paper or a wire wheel to remove paint from the two ground points.
  13. Mr. V

    740T fuel system modifications

    Check e-bay
  14. Mr. V

    Banjo bolt washer leaking

    I've been torching and reusing copper washers for decades. I use a Bernzomatic torch to get the washers glowing orange / red hot, then let them cool, then lightly sand and reuse. I've tried dropping freshly heated washers into cold water but found no benefit, so I let them air cool.
  15. Mr. V

    1993 volvo 240 wagon no start issue.

    Have you checked for codes?
  16. Mr. V

    Bad headgasket idle problems

    Use one of those head gasket test kits, the ones available at parts stores that tests the coolant.
  17. Mr. V

    86 USA spec turbo intercooler

    I had spark from the coil but not the distributor; drove me crazy trying to figure it out. Turns out a defect developed in the rotor: wouldn't pass current, but I saw nothing wrong with the rotor when I inspected it: looked normal. Then the rotor split in two two pieces: problem evident, and...
  18. Mr. V

    Milky oil 84 Volvo 240 TIC

    I'd consider using a liquid tester such as Block Tester to see whether combustion gases are in the coolant, which would indicate a blown head gasket.
  19. Mr. V

    Turbo info 1982 b21ft

    Gotta think having the additional water cooling will likely prolong the turbo life, esp. if you like hooning your 'brick. Same thinking applies to oil coolers for red blocks: should increase longevity.
  20. Mr. V

    Seat Upholstery

    I paid a shop about $700 to reupholster and strengthen / add form to the two lower seat cushions in my '82 244 Turbo. He couldn't match the original fabric but the substitute is very durable, should hold up well: seems some form of synthetic, very smooth to the touch. The problem with...