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  1. impolvo


    Anyone know of a wiper that will fit a 262c Both of mine use the kind where the wiper has a pin in it that than locks into the wiper arm
  2. impolvo

    Boots leak tool ? Factory inlet size on stock d24 garret t3 ?

    D24t + Aftermarket intercooler No boost controller just a steel rod in the pressurized line to the internal wastegate So I was running 20 something lbs no problems Never really went that hi normally 16 maybe I noticed my output was declining and the sound of the whoosh changed Leak can be...
  3. impolvo

    Crossover of Ac compressors

    Victim 93 240 r134 clutch died replacement clutch more cost than A reman compressor fro 93 940 Look the same same mount same Just splice one wire Should work fine ?
  4. impolvo

    Ipd 25/25

    Fit on 262 with d24 swap
  5. impolvo

    Factory transmission cooler

    Where does the in-line factory transmission cooler live I have one with the hardlines I just don’t know where to split my existing hardlines and flare them to make it all fit properly I do a lot of towing I’ve added a factory oil cooler to the car which has helped and an electric fan which has...
  6. impolvo

    How much boost can a d24t +ic take

    That is all Car 262c D24t from 85? 760 Added intercooler and mbc Was getting 14 lbs pre intercooler Intercooled 12-13 swapped to na intake for better flow longer even runners and less heat soak from exhaust manifold I upped it a bit if I really pull it’ll get 22 lbs But normal driving not...
  7. impolvo

    How do I put this trim back on

    C pillar window chrome was off when I got the car How the hell do I put it on ?
  8. impolvo

    76 240 compressor priming oil?

    Got a replacement York for my 76 244 Originals were primed with ester oil My system had been converted to r134 So should I prime with ester oil Or use the r134 with r134 oil to start fill then finish with r 134 plain Or ?
  9. impolvo

    240 Ps fluid in bellows?

    Normal or no ? Not full just some
  10. impolvo

    Let?s ID these mounts!!!!

    From top These were in a random bag My new to me needs mounts I?d love to piece mill A-bw55? M41? 240 B-sane as A? C-240 drivers side? D- 240 pass side ? Although cans d have different thicknesses E-I have no idea one stud centered one offset https://i.imgur.com/9ANyg5R.jpg
  11. impolvo

    1976 240 seat foam or seat swap?

    I recently picked up a 1976 244 It seats are completely deteriorated as in the foam on the inside is there a source for new foam or do seats from a later model fit in it I’ve repaired cracked seat foam and things like that before but I’ve never had seats where the foam has literally deteriorated...
  12. impolvo

    How to make defrost vents open

    How can set my 1980 260 to defrost permanently Many vac leaks in dash I?m talking about what flap can I screw open or remove
  13. impolvo

    Badly needed!! Zf bolt size

    I badly need the bolt size and length for a zf steering rack for 240 Thanks
  14. impolvo

    Smaller ps pulley

    Is there a smaller ps pump pulley For the I believe gym style pump with press on pulley Mine is no longer round And with an under drive crank I wouldn’t mind a smaller pulley since I’ve gotta replace mine anyway
  15. impolvo

    Lumpy idle kinda stumbly off the line

    B230 lh 2.2 recently started a misfire That seems fine but it?s got s very lumpy idle And is slow to build up steam Once driving goes great It?s got oldish gas Ordered plugs wires cap and rotor and fuel filter
  16. impolvo

    Oil temp?

    What?s the normal oil temperature for the average b230 being run very hard?
  17. impolvo

    Wheel bearing play

    So I had to adjust one front wheel bearing 1980 262 It had 1/4 inch play Fixed easy peasy Other side has 1/16 inch play Should i waste my time tightening it a hair
  18. impolvo

    Priming d24t

    My d24t has a cracked fuel feed line and lost prine I replaced my rotted return lines while there Who knows the proper way to re prine this injection pump There is a disconnect in my return line Can I just blow air in the return for a bit and pressurize the tank therefore pushing diesel up...
  19. impolvo

    Longer end links

    Strange request but I raised my 745 by 3 inches And this makes my end links very mad and bend backwards towards the rear of the car after a little spirited driving ( normally last 1-2 years ) have sheared then right off before I need a source for longer end links for aluminum control arms on...
  20. impolvo

    D24t sometimes seems to be in limp mode

    Resurrected after may years the 262c with d24t m46 did great Pulled fine for what it is was getting 8-11 lbs boost Changed all fluids belts Fuel filter twice once after 59 miles Was very old fuel It’s a little hard to start (under powered battery Like 550 cca 70ah But today it finds...