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  1. MasterBlaster

    Late night spam bots

    Nothing under Setup > Options > Censoring ? https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/censoring/ Or in version 2.2 admin.php?options/groups/censoringOptions/ https://xenforo.com/community/threads/word-filter.204834
  2. MasterBlaster

    what is this for?

    As others have said... nope. Here's where the pipeage is supposed to go...
  3. MasterBlaster

    I keep flushing and flushing but the crap won't go away.

    Maybe add one of those inline coolant filters to catch the crap, instead of just constantly circulating it? Pop the hood now and then and see if it needs to be emptied.
  4. MasterBlaster

    I keep flushing and flushing but the crap won't go away.

    Probably going to keep doing that forever. Customer (old V8) had a rust-holed leaking freeze plug a few years ago. Popped out the remains, and there was about a 1/2 inch of rust flakes and crap sitting at the bottom of the water jacket around the cylinder. Dug out what I could through the hole...
  5. MasterBlaster

    Why would a timing belt crankshaft gear break?

    There's a reason why torque specs are given. Too loose, and the bolt won't clamp things tight enough to keep them from shifting around and possibly damaging the parts, or even allowing the bolt to slowly loosen over time. Too tight, and the bolt could pass through the elastic (stretchy) stage...
  6. MasterBlaster

    how rare are these aftermarket taillights?

    Black spray paint. Hole saws. Cheap-ass shallow trailer lights. Done. They still won't look right with the otherwise boxy styling of our cars.
  7. MasterBlaster

    Volvo 245 keeps overheating

    Throw the suspected witch into the pond. If she sinks and drowns, she's innocent, and not a witch. If she floats, then she's a witch, and we burn her at the stake. Win-win!
  8. MasterBlaster

    Hesitation diagnosis help.

    Here's the basic operational diagram of the TPS. There's some disagreement over wire colors from different sources, but either way, the center terminal should have continuity with one of the outer terminals at idle (throttle closed), and with the other at full throttle (WOT). During normal...
  9. MasterBlaster

    Hesitation diagnosis help.

    With a carburetor, those symptoms would say bad accelerator pump. With injection, similar results with a bad throttle position switch. Does it click just off idle to tell the ECU "more fuel please"? Does it show proper continuity at its 3 terminals? Did the mice nibble any wires in their...
  10. MasterBlaster

    Mystery bearing found

    There's usually some kind of tiny letters/numbers on the rubber seal surfaces. That would help to identify the exact size, which may help somewhat. Tried to load your "pic" link in another tab. All I see is: Because all your post shows me is:
  11. MasterBlaster

    Late night spam bots

  12. MasterBlaster

    Straighten Quad 740 Headlights

    Here's some pics I swiped off eBay. Had to brighten waaaaay up to see the front. This shows where to find the adjusters, front and back views. The screws go through threaded inserts that *should* be snapped into the backing plate. If they're broken or dislodged, turning the screws won't do...
  13. MasterBlaster

    Volvo 740 reverse light stuck on

    What did you do with the wires to/from the original automatic shifter-mounted switch? Power comes in on pink, and out on black to the reverse lights. The M47 diagram looks just as simple, assuming you used its harness. Power to the trans-mounted switch on black/red (BL/R) , out on black...
  14. MasterBlaster

    Bad alternator or bad voltage regulator?

    Higher voltage will help charge a low battery a bit faster, and will compensate for heavy loads, like having the lights, wipers, heater, radio and whatever else on at the same time, without the voltage dropping as much. Like brakes pads and rotors, the contacts (slip rings) in the old...
  15. MasterBlaster

    Gas door misaligned

    Then you send 2manyturbos some $$$.
  16. MasterBlaster

    Gas door misaligned

    Floor jacks are for the main doors. Have you seen how spindly the unbraced sheet metal of the gas door actually is? Just use your hands. :rolleyes:
  17. MasterBlaster

    ‘93 940 Regina Runs Rich

    One would think the open/closed injectors wouldn't be affected by a slight variation in ohms, but..... Of course. You just turned off 1/4 of the fuel. That cylinder is now just pumping fresh air to the cat and sensor, and it says "OMG... I'm super lean!!" Some internet theories are that the...
  18. MasterBlaster

    Gas door misaligned

    Looks like it attaches to the body with a single bolt. Thumping it with a gas nozzle may have rotated it a bit on the bolt. Try loosening and tweaking it back up? Other than that, cover everything with tape and spend an hour carefully bending and twisting until it sits where you want it to be...
  19. MasterBlaster

    93 240, Steering wheel shudders at 10mph

    Did you jack up and spin the tires yet? We had a Lexus in on Fiday that did a "Duck walk" as I was driving it around the block into the shop. Spun the tires, and the left rear has a thrown belt. Nowhere near as bad as this video I found, but enough to make the the car wibble-wobble.