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  1. Ju1cE

    White block w CD009 in a 200 series

    Is there any here in TB land that has the CD009 behind a whiteblock in a 200 series yet? How well does it fit in the tunnel? What shifter relocator did you use? Recommendations on Clutch master? TIA
  2. Ju1cE

    Late model 240 headrests: front to back interchangeability

    Hey TB land... I ave a few Volvo parts listed on eBay (nothing personal to TB for sale sections but I have a lot of electronics and other stuff listed, notifications come to my phone so just overall easier)... And got a question about a headrest that came out of a 92 240, originally it had...
  3. Ju1cE

    Questions about the 960 oil cooler thermostat

    Hey TB land, Couple questions about the oil cooler thermostat from a 960 B6304, I have done some internet digging and not able to find much of anything, if any one has a link to where I can find the info that would be great. I had leaking oil cooler lines and the oil cooler was a bit beat...
  4. Ju1cE

    AC upgrades for a '79 240

    Hey Tb land! I have been blessed with another project, make my Sister's beautiful '79 a pleasure to drive...wants are: cold A/C (lives in Florida, has toddler), reliable drive-ability (fuel tank rusted), better stereo system (not sure why maybe to drown out toddler), possible +t, and anything...
  5. Ju1cE

    940 Weak power stage causing random misfire?

    Hey TB, Have a 92 940 that was supposed to be an easy flip but now is being a PITA! Car has intermittent rough idle and intermittent misfire under load, although it may be two different problems Drove it home on 2.5 cylinders. Bought it from a diesel head who had no idea what was wrong, his...
  6. Ju1cE

    Shopping List for 940 Single Fuel Pump

    Anyone have a concise list (or link) of parts for a single pump conversion in the tank on a 940? Have searched a little and found few posts about the swap but most seem to just repeat them selves...just looking to have everything in a pile before I get started to minimize down time. Thanks
  7. Ju1cE

    spring free height (200 rear suspension)

    Hey TB land, I am looking for diameter and free height for 240 rear springs. Does anyone have a link or a set of known springs and a tape measure and calipers? Local is looking to purchase a set of springs off of me and just want to be sure I know what I am selling him. Thanks
  8. Ju1cE

    200 series one piece drive shaft woes, time for 2 piece?

    Hey TB Land, Anyone out there have a one-piece drive shaft that doesn't vibrate?! Background: 79 262c with Captain Bondo's T6 and the M90 he had behind it. Locally narrowed 8.8, locally made custom one piece driveshaft. I have been chasing a vibration that I am confident is coming from my...
  9. Ju1cE

    HFP 255LPH Anyone running this fuel pump?

    Hey TB Shopping for a new fuel pump for my wagon as it periodically sounds as though my main pump is fuel starved. Was thinking of of another DW300 such as I have in the Bertone' and ditching the main pump. While looking at them came across the HFP pumps...
  10. Ju1cE

    No oil pressure after white block swap

    So have been making good progress on the project car...until this. Quick background: Yes this is Capt. Bondo's Engine Yes this project has taken me longer than it should No it's not for sale Engine has been in storage and in and out of the car twice since late 2011. It is back in (for the...
  11. Ju1cE

    Little help from the TB community please

    Hey guys I just submitted to the IPD build off ( http://www.ipdusa.com/blogs/291/25-000-build-off ), if you have a minute show a little love. I included my build bio bellow, if you like how the project sounds please go to their page and like the contest, then post a some love for the Sinister...
  12. Ju1cE

    Should I sell my 945T and buy a 960?

    So I spotted what looks like a good deal on a 96 960 wagon, current owner says it needs some work, exhaust is shot and it is down on power about 255k miles, I plan on going to look it in the next day or so. The only way I can get it with out becoming single (or listening to way she needs more...
  13. Ju1cE

    differences between 2.4 ECM's (563, 967)

    So I am selling my 90 760 that had a chipped 563, and have a new to the family 92 940. So wanting to keep a chipped ECU I removed the 967 ECM from the 940 and swapped it with 563+TLAO from the 760 both cars run fine, 940 still doesn't have tags so no test drives yet. Except now when I shut off...
  14. Ju1cE

    240 Test for voltage regulator? intermittent over-charging

    (82 240 B21F+t) Is there a test or any checks I should do for for an over charging voltage regulator? Yesterday my volt gauge pegged for about 90 seconds accompanied by some belt squeal. Was pegged long enough for my to pull off the road, I turned on headlights, blower motor on high, and hit...
  15. Ju1cE

    who was making 8.8 weld on mounts?

    Saw a member making the weld on mounts for a 8.8 a while ago and havent been able to track them down yet. Does anyone remember who it was??
  16. Ju1cE

    8V on to a B234?

    So I got a chance to buy a beautiful 86 745 GLE (140k) w a broken timing belt on a B234. I am wondering if any one has done the 16V swap backwards. I have a 8V off a B21 sitting in the garage. However don't think that it would be possible with the head I have w/o some serious modification in...
  17. Ju1cE

    240 88 240 no spark

    long story short I am being given a car to settle a debt. As the title states currently it cranks, no spark. Car is @ a shop and they have diagnosed to be the control unit? (sorry lh noob) the ecm w vacuum connection behind RH headlight. This doesnt seem right to me, the tech said these failed...
  18. Ju1cE

    who is running without a ballast resistor?

    I swapped out the Chrysler ign for bosch. Have since learned need a .8 ohm for a factory like install while another tb'er has been sans said resistor for 15 yrs. I made another post hoping I could get a lil attention from the gurus to give me their blessing on going without. FWIW this is a +t on...
  19. Ju1cE

    ballast resistor when switching from chrysler to bosch ign

    still working on the 82's +t got the chrysler dizzy out (5 pieces) and got the bosch in. The print I have shows a ballast resistor in line with the bosch coil but I didnt see any on the chrysler. Anyone know what the value is I need to put in? Also I am using a coil from the bosch ign. Thanks
  20. Ju1cE

    a simple +t question

    What is stronger new Volvo oem exhaust studs or 10.9 ( hardness) I can get from fastenal? I'm just a lil worried the Chinese might have be making oem cheaper.