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  1. volvo78244

    Blue baby

    I got this blue 242 in 2004 from a cardealer I know. He called me and said he knew about this one for sale and not to expensive. A Nissan dealer had taken it in for a new car. All I knew at that time was it was 2 door 240, low mileage (123000 km) and blue. I told him to buy the car and let me...
  2. volvo78244

    My 965 Turbo

    Hi all, Been a member for a long time, guess it's high time to show my car, 1991 965 Turbo. It has a B204FT engine which performs quite well :). Let some pictures do the talking... Rear spoiler taken from totalled car, resprayed and installed. New backlights red/white installed. Interior...
  3. volvo78244

    240 M46 not functional on cold engine

    Hey all, I have this 1982 242 with a M46 which shifts nicely. Only when I just leave (cold engine) the house, the overdrive does not shift in, only after a few miles I am able to use the overdrive and from that point on I can shift like there is nothing wrong. Anyone know what this problem...
  4. volvo78244

    Brakes for 240

    I'm planning on redoing the brakes on my 242 turbo, at the moment it has 206 HP on the dyno. The brakes in the back are kinda stuck and I want good brakes front and back. Would stock brakes be enough? Do 740's have better brakes? I have a good deal on original exchange calipers and I would...
  5. volvo78244

    B204GT hardly start

    Short story... This guy I know who works at a Volvo dealership recently told me about the 740 that use come to the dealership for maintenance. It was being sold because of the engine dying occasionally. We went to take a look at the car which had been standing for about 5 months, it didn't...
  6. volvo78244

    Stainless exhaust

    I guess this more something for the european members cause I'm looking for a stainless exhaust for my 960 with B204FT. I've been searching the web, called every single person I know and mailed around for a stainless exhaust. I found one for every other engine type except the one I need. I could...
  7. volvo78244

    B204FT - what to do when engine is open

    Hello Just wondering what to do or pay attention to when 16v head is off? Here's the story, I own a '93 960 with a B204FT which I only bought a couple of months ago. Whenever it was cold I could here the valves so I checked what was wrong when I found out the bolts from the fourth cilinder on...
  8. volvo78244

    Turbo conversion problem

    Hey there I just replaced my stock engine B19A with a completely rebuild B21ET, of course with the help of my friends. The donorcar is 1983 245 and now the engine is in an 242, never sold as a turboversion in Belgium. So it is something special. But now the engine is in, it fires up but it...