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  1. Alan29

    242 Door Panel Repair

    I wasn't ready to do a complete board replacement so I experimented with paper mache on my 244 (mine were like yours so nothing to lose if it didn't work). Wood glue mixed with water applied over strips of newspaper. Worked pretty well to my surprise. Hind sight I could have used some stiffer...
  2. Alan29

    The 245 project that is not a project

    Nice work. What process are you using to clean the underside of the engine and suspension? End result turned out great.
  3. Alan29

    1994 945 Turbo Ultimate DD Build

    You'd notice more of an improvement if it wasn't painted black.
  4. Alan29

    Here we go again...this time a '92 745 Turbo from NJ

    I'm prepared to sink decent money into this for sure. The body work situation is just going to be on hold for a good bit. So yesterday I dipped into my second can of Gunk engine cleaner...this time the HD gel stuff. Got most of the decades of crust off the turbo in preparation for liberal...
  5. Alan29

    Here we go again...this time a '92 745 Turbo from NJ

    A few months ago I decided to sell my '83 244 Turbo in search for something else. I initially wanted to return to my roots with an AMERICAN truck with a big ole vee ate motur with a lumpy cam so I can do truck things and blend in with my surroundings here in North FL (aka south GA). After...
  6. Alan29

    Quad round / Spider eyes assembly parts?

    So I have a fairly complete set with all four of the bulb retainer rings but I'm missing two of the plastic rings and all of the clips to secure the retainers to the mount. Before I get all TB with zip ties I wanted to see what other alternatives I might have for these missing parts. Tried...
  7. Alan29

    Project Catfish (aka how to ruin a 244 turbo)

    I have been meaning to post a build thread on this but much like the car itself I keep putting it on the backburner. Figuring maybe posting this here will keep me motivated. I bought this '83 244 GLT almost two years ago. Its had quite the life spending a few months in Sweden via the diplomat...
  8. Alan29

    Need help troubleshooting...

    Car in question is a b21ft running Microsquirt, DSM CAS, LS Coils. Engine itself is pretty much stock with a fresh rebuilt stock turbo, intercooler, T5 blue injectors, Spartan 2 wideband. This was a Kjet to MS swap I completed last year and, up until earlier this month, its been running great...
  9. Alan29

    Microsquirt Newb

    Another newb thread.... I'm working on sourcing parts and reviewing wiring diagrams to convert my 83 244 Turbo from k-jet to Microsquirt. Going wasted spark using LS truck coils and the Yoshifab DSM CAS adapter. At the same time I'm adding an IC, replacing the exhaust (turbo back), and adding...
  10. Alan29

    240 downpipe - KL Racing?

    Does anyone here with a turbo 240 have hands on experience with the 3" stainless dp from KL Racing? I was about to pull the trigger on ordering the parts to have one built locally out of aluminized steel using my existing flange, but the price shipped from KL is about $155. Hard not to want to...