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  1. Volvoguy77

    740 Does it work??

    OK I know you can change the front look of the 240's, but can your change a 91 740 front look to the look of a 85 740? I like the look of the 4 headlamps better than the fish bowls on the 91's. Can it be done with out to much trouble?
  2. Volvoguy77

    240 flathood

    Just wondering what kinda coin a 240 flathood goes for? I have my eye on one and just wondering what I should expect for price.
  3. Volvoguy77

    Round 240 lights

    Do the round 240 lights fit any year 240????
  4. Volvoguy77

    Need opinions......

    I have a chance to pick up a 92 240. Now I already have a 760 and a 740. Which one should I do a build on? I am having a hard time making up my mind. Now I hear that putting a B230ft in a 240 is easy, however you have to do something with the distributor?? Is that right? Or is this guy just...
  5. Volvoguy77

    Stuffed turbo?????

    I am looking to upgrade the turbo on my 91 740. It has a 95 940 B230ft in it. Now I have a guy that says he has a stuffed turbo. It's a 16T with 18T parts in it. Would this be something to go with??? Thanks
  6. Volvoguy77

    Looking for the volvo "Yoda" of the golden horse shoe. Toronto Canada

    I am kinda new to the volvo RWD world. I would like to find someone in the area to talk to and get ideas from. Thanks
  7. Volvoguy77

    Tranny Question

    Thinking about picking up a borg warner T5 tranny for my 1991 740 turbo. I hear that they are a good strong tranny with better gear ratio. What do I need to put it in ? and has anyone hear done it? Thanks guys
  8. Volvoguy77

    Wet behind the ears

    I am picking up a 1991 740 turbo. The engine is out of a 95 940. First question is can I put a 16 valve head on this engine? I think it's a 8 valve on there now. Second question is what is a good strong tranny? It's a manual car , but the tranny is blown. Any help would be great. Also if there...