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  1. w6ktb

    How to recycle Cat Cons in CA?

    So, I've got this nice Volvo converter here that's too tired to work anymore. Used to be a few people in Sacramento who would recycle them, ads in Craigslist, etc. Now...nothing (probably due to the theft stings that don't work). So, anyone know of a good place to recycle and get a few bucks...
  2. w6ktb

    The Fitch Fuel Catalyst - here's your sign

    Just stumbled on this when I was shopping at 4WheelParts.com. www.fitchfuelcatalyst.com It amuses me how creative people are in their scams, and amazes me that people actually fall for them. I am a little surprised that places like Summit and 4WheelParts are actually carrying this one. I...
  3. w6ktb

    Another Old radio - need wire colors

    So, trying to be cheap, I've got a CR4123 stereo + amp that supposedly worked great when it was pulled from an '87-'89 240. I'm working on my brother-in-law's 240 and want to swap this in to get him cheap tunes. The trouble is, when the "new" radio was pulled, the harness plug was cut off...
  4. w6ktb

    SAM 740 Strut Brace issues - FYI

    Heads-up guys, SAM has had a problem with their 740 strut braces being mis-manufactured. They seem to have a bad jig that's making them about .6" too long. Because the bars aren't adjustable, they need to be physically cut and welded to make up the difference. I've seen more than a half dozen...
  5. w6ktb

    Reviews Forum???

    So, I've been thinking for a while (yes, it hurts sometimes) that we should have a place to review our favorite (or maligned) products and vendors. We have a feedback forum for sales between members, but what about a place to share the crappy service I just got from Jet-hot, or my satisfaction...
  6. w6ktb

    Experiences with D5 Turbo Diesel???

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the D5 Turbo Diesel available over the pond in the V/XC70's? How does it perform? Issues? Possible performance tweaks? Mileage (& improvements)? I assume that the chassis is identical to the Petrol version? With the slightly heavier engine...
  7. w6ktb

    Still a "Newbie"

    Just curious here. I joined in 2004. How long does it take to dump the "Newbie" title? Is there a reason that my join date doesn't show up like everyone elses?
  8. w6ktb

    Free Drag Racing Mag

    I just came across this on another forum and thought I would share. Looks like a new magazine. Go to http://www.dragillustrated.com and click on the link - it looks like you'll get a free subscription. Not at all affiliated, just passing it on.