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    So, what can I expect from my 1986 B200ET ?

    So here's the pitch. 6 years ago I bought my 1989 740 turbo (B200ET) with 280.000 and a failing gearbox (M46) and a few months later I found a cheap rusty 1986 740 turbo (B200ET) with a working gearbox and 180.000km. Since everything had 100.000 less kilometers than the first I decided to swap...
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    New from France

    Hello ! I'm MoTT, 32yo, from France and I own a 1989 Volvo 745 turbo Intercooler with the B200ET. It's a young girl with 300.000km but it's really clean, no rust at all but gearbox was scratchy as hell and the interior is in poor condition. I joined turbobricks in 2013 when I still had my old...