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  1. nx3xo

    Questions about marine stuff and turbo style heat exchanger

    So Ive been bouncing around the idea of finding an old i/o penta boat and turbo a b230 or b234 and drop it in with a nice air to water intercooler and what not. The boats Ive seen are b18/20's. So my question is how do these heat exchangers work with a turbo setup? Is it possible? I get the...
  2. nx3xo

    Fun with a b230 intake.....

    So I got a manifold off one of TB guys and it was made up for the smaller 850 throttle body. I had a 960 throttle that wanted to fit so I hogged out the adapter and welded extensions on the sides to make sure there was material to cut away. This is the result. Along with the throttle body I cut...
  3. nx3xo

    Is a thermostat controlled oil cooler sandwich required?

    Bought a universal sandwich oil cooler adapter. I know in most stock applications these adapters or blocks have a thermostat bypass to cut off the flow to the oil cooler radiator and circulate closed loop in the engine only. Does anyone run a non thermostat oil cooler setup? Thx
  4. nx3xo

    Wind noise fixes in a 240?

    So driving down the road the biggest annoyance is my 83 242 has a horrible amount of wind noise right above the mirrors on both sides. Is there any easy fix solution for this one? Possibly new door seals?
  5. nx3xo

    Best aftermarket or std. equip cruise control for the 240.

    Ive seen a few at the junk yards and just wanted to know the best most reliable to get. Post some pics if you got them.
  6. nx3xo

    From with MDF and a 242.

    So this idea started with to many overhaulin episodes watched. I planned on making the higher point of the trunk a flat piece of mdf with some black carpet. I had a total turbobricked sub box that worked but was less than a cubic foot of air space with a 12" sub. The plan was to make this back...
  7. nx3xo

    b23 and b230 ideas

    So Im building a b23 using the orig crank but going to try the b230 turbo pistons. So my question is with the b23 the rods are shorter and the pistons are taller compared to the b230. So can I get the rsi 154mm rods and run the b230 pistons in my b23 block without increasing the deck height to...
  8. nx3xo

    240 240 alternator relocate and delete A/C

    has anyone ran the alternator in the position of the A/C pump? so my idea is running the 2 belt configuration to the alternator and one single belt up to the P/S pump, i believe they make a kit for the single belt to p/s to bypass the a/c.
  9. nx3xo

    Best radiator thermostat/efan switch setup?

    just curious what the best temp thermostat and fan switch is. any good after market radiators? I had a bit of overheating issues coming back from davis. Im running a 87c thermostat and matching fan switch but seems to be running way to hot. n/a b23. huge 16" fan. even highway speeds it would get...
  10. nx3xo

    Rx7 caliper brake install question.

    going to be installing these tomorrow and had a quick question about the brake hard line junction block. so on these rx7 calipers we only need one hose going to each front caliper instead of two. by removing two of these front lines at the junction and looping them together instead of blocking...
  11. nx3xo

    Ping issues, ran out of ideas

    so i did the whole lh 2.2 ezk 117k and everything is great except.... i got my timing around 10 the fuel is definitely getting to the engine but under any acceleration it will ping. my a/f meter shows yellow green. i have orange tops from an 850 t a 3 bar fpr. just changed the intank pump and...
  12. nx3xo

    amm lh 2.0 and 2.2 compatibility

    so after finding my original setup was lh 2.0 with chrysler ignition ive tried a few combinations of amm and ecus. what ive found is the stock harness of a 242 83' with lh 2.0 will plug into a 2.2 ecu without much change but only if you stick with the 002 lh 2.0 amm. theres differences in the...
  13. nx3xo

    Ezk 117 lh 2.2 issues?

    so i went through and did the conversion. out with the old chyrsler crap box and in with good ole ezk. so all went well a few hiccups with wiring certain wires to switched 12v. my big issue is its running really sluggish. im around 15btdc. the one thing i could not put in was the 007 amm for the...
  14. nx3xo

    LH 3.1 Downgrade to 2.4

    As some of you might have a 90 to 92 240 series 5 speed. You are stuck with the Lh 3.1 which limits alot of your options on turbo upgrades. Sure, a simple ecu reprogram might do the trick but could in the long run be more hassle. I stumbled on the information to do this swap and just wanted to...
  15. nx3xo

    Newb looking for the right direction

    So i did a couple generic searches and could not find the info for my car and turbo stuff. so currently i have a 83 242 with lh 2.2. i need info on how to prep the system for the turbo which will be thrown in soon. so far ive heard the ecu injectors and maf out of a 740. i got these threw them...