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  1. grnmachine02

    Burgers, Beer, and microsquirt - Saturday 11/7/2015, Fredericksburg, Va

    Saturday the 7th of November, Fredericksburg, Va I figure if I'm gonna ruin my wiring and have my car never run again, I may as well do it while eating burgers and drinking beer. So far MrBill is coming down (to get his revenge for the last time I worked on his car, heh) and 500dollarmatt is...
  2. grnmachine02

    T5 clutch options (not clutchnet)

    So, clutchnet has had my money for a month, and won't return emails or answer phone calls. I've got to start looking for other options as the clutch is the only thing stopping me from putting my car back together. B230ft, 740 dog dish flywheel, and luk pressure plate. What other options...
  3. grnmachine02

    740 high beams not working

    Low beams work just fine, and the fuses for the high beams are good. Replaced bulbs with new, and still the same thing. The high beam indicator light on the dash comes on as well. I was thinking there might be a relay for them, but after some searching it looks like that's not the case...
  4. grnmachine02

    Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals May 16-18 2014

    I know it's a couple months away, but I'm getting excited for it already. Get your passes early! http://www.carsatcarlisle.com/carlisle-events/carlisle-import-kit-nationals/default.aspx
  5. grnmachine02

    Odd tach issue

    OK first things first. 745, MS1, wasted spark with hyundai coils and ignition module. I'm running the tach output from the module to the factory tach wiring and then to the back of the gauge cluster. Problem: For the first 5-10 mins of driving the tach is dead. Then it slowly starts...
  6. grnmachine02

    Top mount manifold bracing

    So in my near future (hooray xmas presents :lol:) are a top mount manifold and a hy35. I'm trying to come up with good ways to brace the manifold as I know holsets have some heft to them. I know that I will be welding support rods from the turbo flange to the head flange. I was also...
  7. grnmachine02

    740 Exxon Valdez of oil leaks

    So this morning my car greeted me with a engine bay full of oil. I mean oil errywhere. Cleaned it all up and let it sit and run. Saw oil dripping from the bottom of the timing cover. Great. I replaced those seals and the timing belt maybe 2~months ago. I'm about to pull the pcv box off and...
  8. grnmachine02

    Pain in my ass MS boost control

    As you can guess by the title I'm having some issues with MS boost control. Long story short, I can't control boost worth a ****. Some gears it will go right to the target and stay there. Sometimes it will overshoot and then fall below and then surge up and down. I thought it was a solenoid...
  9. grnmachine02

    Hopefully not a repost, but this is an awesome 245

    Drool worthy. Oh, how I love speed hunters.
  10. grnmachine02

    Auto tune (no, not that auto tune)

    So the wideband i'm using isn't supported by MS1 out of the box. I've since edited the .ini file so that it will read in tuner studio and MLV. I'm going to try letting autotune work it's magic in the NA portion of my map. Problem is, the AFR target table currently will only read in volts. Is...
  11. grnmachine02

    MS surging idle

    Hopefully this will be my last noobish MS question. I'm getting it all pretty nailed down, but this is frustrating the crap out of me. I'm using a Volvo IAC valve, PWM. No matter what I seem to do the car will always surge anywhere from 50-150 rpm at warm idle. I read through the mega...
  12. grnmachine02

    740 beat ass sunroof

    So, one day I left my sunroof in the vent position last summer. I assume something like an acorn fell into the track, because when i went to close it I heard terrible sounds, and a snapping noise :lol:. Now, from what I can tell a cable did not break. What I think happened Is that the cable...
  13. grnmachine02

    Batt. voltage compensation, afr, and me

    Just getting around to tackling the last annoying bit of my car. Long story short, I'd like the thing to idle smoothly leaner than 12:1 afr's without surging and other carrying on. I was discussing this with my room mate and he mentioned something about battery voltage compensation. On his...
  14. grnmachine02

    Miss, or blowout

    Long story short, my car will miss/hesitate/blowout right around the 17ish psi mark. The problem is that it doesn't always do it. It will mainly only do it once the car has warmed up. Now I can temporarily fix it by putting in a fresh set of plugs. However, a few days later it's right back...
  15. grnmachine02

    Launch Control

    WARNING: NOOBISH QUESTION ALERT :run: I'm gonna try and turn wiring up launch control into my Sunday project. I've done some hunting around, and am going off of this diagram. My question is this: I believe my MS is pre-wired for launch control (obviously once I take the box apart and...
  16. grnmachine02

    740 SMOKE!

    So here's the deal. 740 turbo +T ms blah blah blah. At idle, and only sometimes (occasionally when letting it warm up, or after cruising then sitting at a stop light) my car will bellow smoke :lol: It's absolutely oil. Doesn't seem to do it while cruising, only when at idle. Thought maybe it...
  17. grnmachine02

    NGK wideband, ms1, and tuner studio

    So as i'm sure you can gather by the title, I'm running ms1 with a ngk wideband. The problem is tuner studio. The newest version of tuner studio includes an option for the NGK....if you are running ms2 or above. I could simply buy a new wideband, or upgrade to MS2 but I like the NGk and the...
  18. grnmachine02

    700 center vent as gauge pod(s)

    Any 700 folks using center vents as gauge pods? Not like nathans pod (which is awesome) but using the actual vents. I'm gonna give it a try, but I fell like the vents will be just a bit too small. something like this
  19. grnmachine02

    Import Vs. Domestic at MIR this weekend

    I'll be there Saturday from 10ish till whenever they close the gates. I'm not gonna run, but my roomate will be in his A4 and his coworker will be there with his 800hp GTI. Import Vs. Domestic
  20. grnmachine02

    740 745 rear door trim

    So, I'm trying to reattach the trim right above the door handle. I have done everything short of killing it with fire to get this thing back on. Any tips? Buy new door with trim already attached? This thingy: