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    Short strut coilover question

    So I'm running 2.5" shortened struts and 2.5"x8" 500# front springs. Question is, when the car is low enough to have the springs unseat from the top perch, have you guys had any issues with it tring to seat wrong? Normally I would use limiting straps, like I have in the rear, but I'm not to...

    Sachs clutch/PP.. What's the deal here?

    Why is the clutch kit costing LESS then just the pressure plate alone? Also... Will this clutch hold 15psi out of a T3 behind my b21ft/lh2.2 car? http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-clutch-kit-242-244-245-kf242-04 http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-clutch-pressure-plate-1209884

    Stainless 8v exhaust flanges?

    Are these available anywhere? I've been searching but only coming up with mild steel and 16v.

    Dash help ('83 242glt) little help?

    In the picture I need.. RED CIRCLES- wires to each? BLUE CIRCLES- does anyone have an actual Pinout? All diagrams I have are less then helpful. Removed all the KJet stuff and have a few dash things to clear up, need to be sure I'll have dash lights. Don't need any of the bottom warning lights...

    Cam shim gap at .037" !! What can I do?

    All my valves shimmed in just right at .014/.016 but I got one with a ton of gap. .037 with the biggest shim I have .167, most shims I found are all about .154/.160 Is there any one selling bigger shims? Or something else I can do?

    Hard time finding garrett turbine shaft

    Just like the title says, was going to rebuild this T3 from a b21ft and it need a new shaft. Anyone able to point me in the direction for a replacement? Preferably balanced already, and genuine Garrett.

    back space help 242 very low.

    so I am looking for new wheels, but need to know what I can get away with. front suspension: 8" 500lbs springs,SAAB struts, cut strut housings (approx 2.5") rear: 8" 350lbs springs. car is VERY low. fenders front and rear are rolled pretty tight front steering angle has been increased a...

    need some help with wheels sizing.

    ok, I am going with 17x8 wheels on this '82 242, and now I need some help with offset... front suspension: 8" 500lbs springs,SAAB struts, cut strut housings (approx 2.5") rear: 8" 350lbs springs. car is VERY low. fenders front and rear are rolled pretty tight front steering angle has...

    CAM ID? No markings

    I got this cam from a friend, and don't recognize it. it has a solid 11 lift measured, thats about all I know. there are no stamped marks.

    stock struts .70" SAAB .65"

    So many members here are using SAAB struts now(this also applies to Konis) and I noticed that the top is smaller... .05", too much for comfort, what have most of you done for this? and what have you done when going to some other pillowball/camber plates? I have seen one or two member here using...

    spring perches on the uber cheap

    figured you guys that need cheap setups, don't get better then FREE. for the front upper you can use your stock upper with a 2 1/2" spring just stick it on the inside like so... for you who want 5" rear springs and don't have extra rear upper laying around, or want to run flat ended...

    making donation?

    so I donated, shouldn't I get a couple things changed, like altering under my name tag and what not? some one I need to talk with about this?

    K jet issues.... wont start

    not used to dealing much with K-jet... but anyway, I have a '82 242 turbo, and it's not spraying at the injectors, fuel is getting to them, and it has a new intank pump too.. car sat for 10 years before I got it. I don't have a pressure gauge here to see if it's high enough presure, but I know...

    T5 swap-few questions still unanswered

    first, I have a mustang WC T5 in my shop, but it needs a rebuild. wondering if I chose to go the GM route, can I just swap in and adjust the mustang input shaft? i really think the mustangs 3.35 is a bit much. or since I just rebuild this one, maybe swap to the 2.95 first. secondly I am...

    t3 studs.

    I need to know stud/ and thread size of a 90+ manifold. I'm not near one and need to get the parts while I'm out. thanks guys.

    quik virgo spacer question

    I need to know what size rear spacer I should run on my 82' 242 for virgos to fit normally. I know 1" works, is 1.25" to big?

    need wheel help

    I am not a wheel guy, but I want to put some 16x8 wheels on my 82 242, but I dont know what kinda ofset im looking at, car is very low, but fenders are rolled. any help would be nice. and lug pattern is 108, right?


    Anyone have any expirience with these in the brick rears? I have a couple g80's but I've heard some mixed feelings about their feel when locking. Btw, this will be in a very stiff '82 242.. I just need something that is consistently predictable, and I hopefully won't break easy

    Outbox issue

    Any time I sent a PM, it allways says I my outbox/sent is empty.. Concerns me they aren't going out, and hard to know what I had written

    going from a 240 intank to a 7**

    as said.. im going to stick in a 7 pump i grabbed, realising quikly its longer then a 2 pump, anyone know if the sender/pickup setup from a 7 will fit in the 2? or do i just need to go ahead and modify mine to fit this pump?