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    Any Events in the GTA, Ontario

    Does anybody know of any events happening in the GTA for Volvo? or for solo 2 ? Kind regards,
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    rebuilt turbos ontario GTA, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton area

    I have a A/R.50 turbo. I am looking for someone who can re build them. or supply a new one. Can anyone in ontario GTA, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton area?
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    Lowered my 744ti and one side seams to be a .5" lower?.... and a couple more Q's

    Ok. i am a new-bee Volvo Lover and I have a 1986 744 ti, 4 spd w/ OD, Big Turbo, 3" turbo back exhaust. I run about 13 Lbs of boost. I have lowered the car 1.4 inchs. I have noticed that one side sits lower than the other. Could i have missed something? Any Suggestions? After i have been...
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    1986 740ti Going Low.... What do i need to look out for?

    So I have a 86 740ti and i love it. She runs great other than the ticking valves.. I am getting a new motor... Anyways Long story short. I want to make lower nothing huge..Just something that will give her less body roll and and a more controled.. so i got the eurosport 1.4" drop.. I forget...
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    Anti Swat Bars for a 1986 740

    Are there anti Swaybars for the 740? Can someone direct me to a link to a canadian site for awesome 740 Volvo Parts? Thanks !
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    Good day. I am looking to beef up the suspension on my 86 740 TI. I would like to end up with a stiffer ride at a standard ride hight or higher. Does anyone have any suggestions of things i can try? Has anyone ever tryed using springs out of something other than a volvo with any success...