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    Rear window squirter How to remove/repair 240 Wagon

    That fucker is one time use only. It pops into place, but removing it requires mangling it and it'll never stay in place right again after that.
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    850 1996 850 Platinum Edition pics?

    Anyone have a 96 850 Platinum, or at least some good pics that show what the paint looks like? I'll be doing a respray on my 245SE and I'm considering the Platinum Pearl White color that was used on these cars. The problem is I've never seen one in person. Some of the pics I've seen make the...
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    Was a 28mm front sway bar ever produced for 700/900 cars?

    I recently bought a 28mm drop front sway for my 245 (the one with room for a V6/V8). Upon trying to install it I discovered that it's definitely not intended for a 200 car. It's a couple of inches shorter from endlink to endlink, and the flattenend ends where it bolts to the the endlinks go...
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    Epic's Transmission Swap List of Questions, please help me prepare...

    I posted this to Brickboard too, but I figured I'd post here too, to cast my net wider. I've finally got almost everything that I need together for my swap. I'm swapping out the automatic transmission in my 1991 245SE and putting in the M47 from my parts car. This is my (hopefully final) list...
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    240 Do cars with manual windows have the wiring for electric ones?

    Does anyone know if a car that has manual windows from the factory will have the wiring for electric ones? The car is an 88 244DL, in case it matters. Thanks!
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    Spring rates of IPD sport springs: 240 wagons vs. 240 sedans

    I have a set of IPD sport springs for my 240 sedan, and I'm expecting to purchase a 240 wagon soon. The spring rates of the rear springs are different, does anyone know exactly what the spring rates of each are? While we're on the topic, I'd actually like to go a bit stiffer that the IPD...
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    240 240 suspension bushings

    I've got to replace the bushings on my 240 (particularly the rear trailing arms and torque rods). Does anyone know if a universal tool like this one will work?
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    Will older bumpers bolt on to an 86+ 240?

    Will older 240 bumpers bolt on to an 86+ 240? Specifically the rear bumper. I'm having a hard time finding a rear bumper locally (too expensive to ship), and maybe broadening my search will get more results. Thanks!
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    Are 244 & 245 rear doors the same?

    Are 244 & 245 rear doors the same? There's a guy near my with a wagon parts car and I need a rear passenger door for my sedan, any one know if it will fit?
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    240 Jacking from the diff?

    Is it safe to lift the rear of the car from the diff? Is there a better place to lift the rear of the car from if I'm doing work on the rear end?
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    240 Question for those with Bilstein touring class struts

    I replaced the inserts with a set of Bilstein touring class today, and noticed that the nut that holds the insert into the strut sticks out way more than the old ones. The old ones were threaded into the strut completely so that no threads were showing, the new ones have about 1/4 inch of...