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  1. EulieLee

    Volvo 240 Digital Dash Retrofit

    wtf are we even here for if the chair isn't stanced
  2. EulieLee

    Saab 900 spoiler

    I've been trying and trying and trying to find anyone using the foam spoiler from a convertible 900 Saab. its got a third brake light in it (not ideal), and i see most people prefer the 9000. Anyone got any pictures of one on a 240?
  3. EulieLee

    Head info. X70

    I need a head. 1997 s70 GLT Wondering if anyone has info if all the heads are the same for the x70 series. Wanted http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?p=4852497&posted=1#post4852497
  4. EulieLee

    850 ABS modules

    Module. For sure. You can cut/pry/yell/cuss at them to pop them open and re-solder the contacts(no telling where it's messed up till you open it though).
  5. EulieLee

    1998 s70 T5

    Just going to flip this one. Ill give TB'ers first dibs when it's done. Got it on the cheap. Blown headgasket. Some oil from the rear main, gonna fix that too.
  6. EulieLee

    Luster over the Custom Cluster

    Finished my cluster over the last week. Still have to hook up speedo,water temp, and oil pressure. But it's sexy. The smaller gauges on the outside glow red, the tach and speedo glow white. Going to hook the larger to 12v and the reds to dimmer to be able to "control" the point of focus at...
  7. EulieLee

    Late for work....

    This happened. So now I'm waiting for the wife. Also has anyone plugged one of these? It looks like something just pressed in there. Any ideas.
  8. EulieLee

    Another wheel question (aka I hate math)

    So, I know the stock et on the 240's is 20?, and the wheels I'm looking at are also 15 or 20. And they offer a 5x100 bolt pattern center bore of 57.1 in either 16x8 or 16x9. http://esmwheels.com/access/002r-p-164.html Size Bolt Pattern Offset Center Bore Lip Size 16x8 4x100 20...
  9. EulieLee

    Wheel guru's

    Being I have access to BMW wheels now. Will a 5x120 with an offset of 34 work? I did a quick search but I didn't see any particular useful info on it. I'm also on my phone.
  10. EulieLee

    Swedish Graveyard

    Followed a lead I had on a possible mint 242 around where I live, sitting in a field. Of course that didn't exist but found twelve 740 turbo wagons, 760 turbo wagons, and one 244. Too bad the guys property is surrounded by water, and he has built a shed in front of his only drive way. RIP...
  11. EulieLee

    picked this up today

    This brings the total to four 240's, but i couldn't pass on the deal. 1986 244. B230. M46. Pristine interior I mean like just delivered even has factory radio in it. Sadly there are some small rust spots on it. But, paid less than 2k for it.:) Selling the 87 240 to my cousin in law and swapping...
  12. EulieLee

    Just my DD with new shoes.

    This is my primary DD. Got some wheels recently from simi. Nothing special. Just a plain old stock '88.
  13. EulieLee

    This is goin in that.

    Pulled a B230F and a m47 trans. Putting it in the 1976 245 I picked up front delfosse a few weeks back. Took a vacation and got bored in the first 15 minutes, so hopefully I'll have this running by the end of the week.
  14. EulieLee

    Seat options - Cipher Racing?

    I'm not sure where to put this in the forums, figured performance would be appropriate. My seats in my 244 aren't what my back can take anymore, and I was looking at options of upgrading, and the obvious options (sparco, recaro, corbreau, and such) are so damn expensive, especially for...