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  1. J

    2 years old gas bad?

    I forgot that i had 10 gallons of gas in my 245 when i put her up on jackstands 2 years ago to do a b230t swap. so now everything is together and it cranks, gets spark and i have double checked the timing, but no go. Could it be bad gas?
  2. J

    Anyone gotten their cam journals line bored?

    I am ashamed of what i have to say here... I got a head for free, and before taking it to get fairly extensively machined, i failed to check if the caps i got it were the right ones...they weren't. Anyways, the machine shop quoted $185 to line-bore, but said it might be an easy job because of...
  3. J

    nuke performance

    anyone? heard about this today in for sale.
  4. J

    Ah technology...but how deceiving is it?

    Well, i finally got the wheel bearing junk all settled out, so the car rolls on its own, which is nice, so i decided to try this thing i have on my iTouch called Dynolicious. According to the makers and other people who have tested it against the real deal, its pretty dern accurate. my...
  5. J

    Replaced clutch...now she wont start...

    Replaced the clutch on my 244+t the other day....it went fine, then it really sucked at starting..it took a lot of cranks to get it going, but it would start. Then it started taking more cranks to start and it was telling me that the TPS, ECT and MAF were missing or bad...After clearing those...
  6. J

    t+ complete, apc installed...i am a little skeptical

    Finished my t+ on my 89 240. works great, drove 800 miles on it in the last week...awesome. simple setup: K cam Original CR Grooved head:e-shrug: Garret t25 Stock IC normal turbo AMM greentops efan m47 mbc set to ~10psi Now...i heard about these APC things. So i thought...sweet..ill...
  7. J

    My NA spools at high RPM? WTF?

    Hahah, this is pretty wierd, but i thought i would see what people have to say.... ever since i put my K cam in...when i rev from 4-6k it sounds like a turbo is spooling up...its the wierdest thing....my buddies all laugh and call it the turbocam. i looked at the cam yesterday...aprox. 10k...
  8. J

    how cheap can two guys build a 16v turbo?

    Well i've been wanting to do this for a long time now... me and Dustin are going to be building a 16v turbo car...as cheap as we can... started with my dads b234 that had a cam gear slip and try to shear a roll pin... valves impacted, but not hard, just enough to bang off a little carbon...but...
  9. J

    A/F meter intermittent

    bought it cheap on ebay, i suppose it possible its just a piece of crap...but just thought i should check it out first.. Its some Summit narrowband thingy, never was used blah blah. Problem...it reads nothing...a lot. Often just when the car gets warm, when i first start the car, everythign...
  10. J

    Problems with error code 231, toooo rich!

    THis is over from performance.... http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=124972 basically, i am getting 12mpg, and pulling code 231 from the fuel computer this is what alldata says could be wrong... this is what i know... its running rich (12mpg) A/F meter in the mail to make sure...
  11. J

    928 ecu w/ white tops and k cam power loss at 4k

    hey... i have had a k cam in with yellows and a something something stock ecu in my '89 244. today i replaced the FPR(it was bad, running SUPER RICH....10mpg rich) and i also put in whitetops and a 928 from a 16v. it fired right up and acted like an ECU that hadnt been connected in a while...
  12. J

    lh2.4 trouble code Kcam

    hey, i replaced some dash lights....and my check engine light went on. So ipulled the codes and it gave me 1-1-3 which is something with the O2 sensor wiring and there being too much fuel. The O2 sensor is brand new, maybe 7k miles on it, and thats about how many miles i have on the K cam as...
  13. J

    What computer for a t+?

    I am piecing things together for my t+ and i was wondering what computer i need. I went to the yard today and grabed one for the heck of it outa a 90 744ti. its a 563. Will that work for my t+? or will i have to get something else? i am t+ing a '89 244.
  14. J

    FINE! I'll stop being lazy and post my pics from the WI Meet.

    Here they are. i have more, but i am super lazy. :roll: This was the coolest pic that i took...i like ducks. This is where all our cars look superhot. Some wheeels This was really wierd, everyone got out of their cars in the middle of the street, i dont get it...crazy hippies At...
  15. J

    90+ manifold machining

    Alright guys, i have a 90+ mani that i am fixing the cracks on, (by the way, i have extra stuff to do it, so let me know if you want to send me some to fix.) anyways, the gasket face is pretty pitted, would there be any negative effects to machining 1.5mm off the port side gasket face?
  16. J

    Dana 30 vs 35? Help

    Alright, i am looking into spools, however they are really non-existant for the Dana 30 because no one wants to spool their front axle. anyways, i am wondering how far off the dana 35 is from the dana 30, do they accept the same axle shafts? with different bearing sizes? anyways, let me know...
  17. J

    teehee hee, i'm "artistic" like all you foo's 56k sadface.

    I have more pics than this, let me know if you want to see them. i went to montana this last week, it was a lot of fun, a buddy and i drove my 244, douglas. I just finished my virgos, gunmetal spokes and aluminum lip. 4am the first morning before picking dustin up: I saw this guy in...
  18. J

    window regulator question

    Alright The passenger side front window pops out of its track when the door is closed with the window down. After having this happen like a million times and me pulling apart the door and resetting the window, i looked into what was ACTUALLY wrong. What i found was that the window glass has...
  19. J

    k cam no power

    alright, i just put in a k cam..and i have no power...it was idling not so hot so we played with the ign timing a bit, but settled on the stock place. i havent gotten a adj cam yet so i know its going to be lax down low..but this is baaaad. whats the deal? my buddies seem to think its not...
  20. J

    how to test an O2 sensor

    89 b230f how do i check my O2 sensor to see if its any good..my gas mileage has gone down the tank recently...i am around 22mpg, used to be 26-29. i have checked most everything else, changed plugs, wires, air filter, so i think it might be a bad O2 sensor...