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  1. bobxyz

    94+ 9xx Power Seat Diagnostic Codes?

    good info but no list of codes: https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/faq/InteriorSeats.html#PowerSeatDiagnosticTroubleCodes
  2. bobxyz

    Removing headrests from early 240 seats

    Some of the early headrests use giant one-way toothed washers to retain the posts - you need to destroy the washers to remove the headrests.
  3. bobxyz

    What could cause my car to lean out while crusin

    Where's your MAF located - before the turbo, or between the intercooler and throttle body? It's the oil from the air filter that can cause problems.
  4. bobxyz

    What could cause my car to lean out while crusin

    You could try spraying the hot wire with MAF cleaner and see if it helps. The MAF screens can be temporarily removed for better access, but be careful not to touch the hot wire itself - it looks way too delicate.
  5. bobxyz

    What could cause my car to lean out while crusin

    Does it have an oiled aftermarket air filter? I've seen comments that those can gum up the MAF hotwire and cause lean conditions.
  6. bobxyz

    MaxxECU Questions and Support/Purchase: Post them here

    Mueller's adapters were for the DIYautotune sensor. I'm not sure if the DIY sensor has changed since the original thread. https://turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/anyone-know-a-hall-sensor-that-fits-in-the-stock-vr-location.265962/...
  7. bobxyz

    What am I doing wrong with wasted spark

    It's a wasted spark setup so it needs to fire 2 sparks simultaneously. To test, I'd use a set of 4 spare plugs, connected up normally, with the plugs sitting on the valve cover or a grounded metal plate. A piece of tinfoil is sufficient as long as it's grounded somewhere.
  8. bobxyz

    What am I doing wrong with wasted spark

    The power stage uses the ground wire, it doesn't ground through the mounting bolts. Have you checked that your plug wires seat well at both ends, and that there's not a hidden gap either between coil tower and metal contact on the wire end, or spark plug and metal contact? When you say "I have...
  9. bobxyz

    I have a 95 940 turbo wagon

    OK, that's much different than I was expecting. The MS setup is probably still good since it was running fine previously. What brand/model O2 sensor are you using now and what was the old one? If you changed brand/model, the calibration setting in microsquirt may need to be changed. The O2...
  10. bobxyz

    The Buchka 242 Fake Racecar

    You need to design a stylish composite 240 cup holder, and figure out how to mass produce it, to offset the costs of your stunning one-of-a-kind body panels. Either that or do a limited edition run and auction them off to the top 10 bidders.
  11. bobxyz

    I have a 95 940 turbo wagon

    When was the last time that it ran correctly? What's changed since then? If it's idling at 14.7 AFR, then it's unlikely that a cylinder is continuously misfiring. Can you post a .zip file of: your .msq configuration and an example .msl or .mlv log file, along with a description of what it's...
  12. bobxyz

    What am I doing wrong with wasted spark

    Here's what the factory single coil waveforms look like at idle (from link). The wasted spark signals should look very similar, but at half the frequency (i.e. single coil fires 2x per rev, each side of the wasted spark coil fires 1x per rev). Your multimeter measurements (averaged) of 1volt and...
  13. bobxyz

    volvo 240 B200 FT

    The injector drive transistor in the ECU does fail occasionally. Can you get a replacement 932 ECU easily? If there are other 9xx ECUs available, you might be able to swap the 932 chip into a different box - you'll need to check, or ask here, about compatibility. Before changing the ECU, can...
  14. bobxyz

    I have a 95 940 turbo wagon

    OK, sounds like something other than the reqfuel setting is going on. "black spot on the ground" is usually very rich "just sit at like a 20 air fuel ratio" is either very lean, or a misfire/no-fire is leaving a lot of oxygen in the exhaust When it idles, is it a good even idle or is it lumpy...
  15. bobxyz

    I have a 95 940 turbo wagon

    Can you unplug one injector and measure the resistance across the 2 injector pins? The original Bosch injectors are low impedance (~2.5 ohms) and need a resistor pack to convert them to high impedance so that they'll work with a microsquirt.
  16. bobxyz

    I have a 95 940 turbo wagon

    Bosch 0280150804 would be the original light green colored 330cc/min injectors. Maybe you have some sort of cheap knock-off? If you list your main engine mods, we might be able to guess a typical flow rate. You could also just experiment -- start with a req_fuel for much bigger injectors than...
  17. bobxyz

    Volvo 940 turbo not starting only backfires

    ^^^ agreed, CPS is the top guess for intermittent, then permanent, died while running (and the fuel pumps are still OK). 2nd guess would be the ignition powerstage (aka ignition amplifier).
  18. bobxyz

    ABS Speedo Not working - removed from car and on bench

    I tried to resize and line up the pictures of the 2 different speedo boards, but it's still hard to tell if the speedo PCB to cluster PCB pins line up. When you plug the later speedo into the earlier cluster, how do the 3 pins sticking out of the cluster PCB line up with the 4 sockets on the...
  19. bobxyz

    Things required for swapping 90's b230ft into a 80s na 740 with a m47

    OK, thanks, good to know. The "running fine when pulled for a LS conversion" LH2.2 engine that I used parts from had a LH2.4 temp. sensor in it. Maybe the PO's definition of running fine wasn't so accurate.
  20. bobxyz

    1994 940 turbo won't shut off when radio suppression relay is plugged in

    I looked at the wiring diagrams a little more and I think what you're looking for is an extra wire from the coil, or from the injector resistor pack, to an ignition switched +12v wire. This would bypass the RSR, which might[?] have been done by a previous owner/shop if the RSR failed. Now...