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    164 AC Information

    Does anyone on here have familiarity with an AC setup on a 164? I have a 75 TGB 11 with a B30A that I?m planning to someday (hopefully) fit AC into. I?d like to utilize stock mounting location and compressor type for the B30. Does the compressor run off the crank pulley (are there 3 grooves?) or...
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    240 Stock Exhaust Help

    So I just moved out of state and trying to get my 240 registered here. Previously, some smacktard tried to save a bit of money and did a weld-in catalytic converter. Well now I need a new one and don't have access to a shop. Due to smog laws here I can't get another cheap replacement welded...
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    RTH: Surging and loss of power

    Cross country trip. Car is doing 75 with intermittent surging every few seconds varrying in severity. Sudden loss of power, almost like tapping brakes. New fuel pumps and filter. Old cat... Could be clogged cat building backpressure and releasing? Help!
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    Breaking Down an 850 Manual Seat

    My brother and I are driving my 240 from LAX to Nashville this next weekend. We have limited space. I've got an 850 front driver's seat (manual) that I need to bring with me. Does anyone know if these can be broken down at all? Like perhaps separating the back and the bottom to make it more...
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    Remotely Troubleshooting a Steering Issue

    So my beloved 244 is in California with my brother. I'm in TN. I'm preparing to drive the 244 out here, but my brother found a steering issue. He said that it is hard to turn the steering one way or the other - not so much a PS issue, but that the steering is clunky and clicking, almost as if...
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    240 Pre 84 AC Compressor Plug

    I was out off-roading today and my 240-sourced air compressor (a York AC unit from an early 240) somehow lost it's oil fill plug and is now puking oil when running. Does anyone have the specs on this bolt so I can pick one up at the hardware store? Thanks! -Phil
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    240 Preemptive Oil Pump Replacement B23

    Good day all. I've got an '83 240 with 300K+ out in California. I'm likely going to be driving it out to TN in a month or so. The car runs great, and I've had the motor apart. It was obviously well cared for with regular oil changes - the head was super clean with no burned-on old oil or...
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    240 Inconsistent Brake Grab Point

    So I've had a strange occurrence with my 240 recently... the grab point of the brakes will occasionally be 2 inches lower than normal, but then upon next pump its normal. It scares the hell out of me because I'm like "NO BRAKES" then they grab. Fluid level is good. New pads, new rotors. It...
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    Pics of my '83 244

    Took it out for a photoshoot. Pics by my bro. Shot above Simi Valley, CA. Excuse the strangeness of one 240 seat and 1 S70 seat (if you have a DS leather charcoal skin for sale, LMK!!!). Can provide larger size if anyone wants it...
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    RTH: No Start, Strange Sound

    UPDATE: So this would be the third timing belt that's stripped on this car. I don't get it: - Intermediate shaft turns freely - Cam turns normally - Spring tension feels good - I've been re-tensioning it every 100 miles or so I don't know what the fix is for this! This belt has less than...
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    Follow Up: B23 No Start

    Hey guys, here's a summary of whats up with my car - I'm at another point where I need some advice: Issue: Car would not start initially, was flooding, no ignition. Did TONS of troubleshooting over the past few weeks and at this point found that the T-Belt (brand new, less than 2k mi) had...
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    RTH - Injector Wiring Order

    So I think I mixed up the order on the wires for my injectors (B23). How can I know what order they are supposed to be in? -Phil
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    Picking up LH 2.0 harness and ECU today - Advice

    Guys, I've given up on my '83 that keeps flooding. I've done all testing and at this point I believe either the ECU or harness to have a failure in it. I'm going to the local PYP and picking these up (I will rebuild the harness before installation). I'm wondering if there are any differences...
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    Internal Oil Return Pipe?

    Does anyone know what that hard plastic pipe is inside the redblocks that runs from the separator box on the outside the block down to the pan? Mine broke upon removal and I need to replace. Thanks, Phil
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    RTH: Crank No Start

    All, Went to start the 240 (B23) today and it started up, got to a low idle, and then as soon as I started backing up it died. Started it again and it got to a low idle and then died. Would not start back up no matter how much cranking I gave it. The first 2 attempts, it seemed to almost...
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    Convert Interior Bulbs to LED

    Has anyone converted any interior bulbs to LED? I'm thinking of doing the two dash illumination bulbs and center stack lights on my '83. I can barely see the center stack at night. I'm looking for direction on whether or not I can get these as drop-in replacements or if I will have to build...
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    Swap B23 block for B230F

    My '83 is running a B23 and it's getting pretty worn out. I'd like to rebuild a B230F I have sitting around and drop it in once complete (to prevent downtime as this is my daily driver). What would I need to do to drop it in? I plan on keeping all the accessories and wiring from the B23 - I'm...
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    Rear end ID

    The sticker is torn off my axle but I am in need of the proper speedo gear. Can anyone tell me what ratio rear end would be in a 83 244 that came with an AW70?
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    New Clutch Cable = Impossible to Operate Clutch?

    So when I moved the M46 from my '75 (which it was transplanted TO originally), to my '83, I decided to replace the clutch cable since the one in the '75 is 34 years old. I got a ScanTech unit and installed in the new car. I did NOT change the clutch/t-o bearing/PP as they were all recent...
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    Alternate Injectors B23

    I'm suspecting some injector issues on my '83 - getting lots of pinging now when under load and I believe one was fouled (indicated by some markings on the inside of the intake). It currently has yellow top connectors. I've got some other injectors sitting around the garage, wondering if I can...