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    940 locks

    The lock on my nsr door is faulty and having contacted all the breakers listing on eBay they have all sold the locks off their cars. Is this a common problem as before last week I have not had any problems with mine. Please let me know if anybody has one or if they are the same as earlier cars.
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    940 oil leak

    My normally oil leak free car has seemed to develop a couple of leaks the biggest was sorted by getting a reconditioned steering rack but there is another smaller leak from between the oil filter to housing. I have tried a new filter but still have the same problem, this seems like a very...
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    940 steering rack and SRS light

    Having just replaced a leaking PAS rack on my car I noticed the SRS light is now stuck on and the steering column lock doesnt work anymore. I must have done something wrong but dont know what, I did very lightly tap the splined uj to remove it but was careful not to hit it hard. Could this have...
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    940 Strange P/S leak

    Had a good look under my car as its been losing power steering fluid the pump and hoses are all good and no fluid is coming out of the steering rack gaiters. On close inspection it is leaking from the top of the rack input shaft but not where it seals in the rack, the leak is at the universal...
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    940 Poor running after 100 miles

    I have a 940 2.3lpt auto, I have owned it for 2 ? years and its been a great car. Went on a 200 mile journey at weekend and in the last 20 miles it started to lose acceleration, but would still run smooth if I didnt try to accelerate too hard. After a 6 hour rest if performed as normal again...
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    Headlight upgrade suggestions 940

    Im looking for suggestions to get the best main beam lights on my 940 I wanted to retrofit a hid kit (yes i know they are not approved) as they made a huge differance on my last car but the lampholder will not allow the lamp to fit. Has anybody managed to fit these or can suggest any other...