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  1. vlvman

    New Files added to Website

    Thanks to Dave Barton I have added about eight new greenbook wiring diagrams to volvowiringdiagrams.com If the greenbook for your 240, 260, 740, 760, or 940 was not there before it may be now.
  2. vlvman

    S/V/C S60 AC Clutch Clearance Specs

    I am having problems which may be related to compressor clutch clearance on my 04 S60R and would like to measure the clearance but need the specs. Thanks
  3. vlvman

    Interesting Battery Information

    This link shows which manufacturers make batteries for retailers, and other useful battery information. http://jgdarden.com/batteryfaq/batbrand.htm#I Also see http://www.batteryfaq.org/
  4. vlvman

    S/V/C S60 Coolant Drains Where Are They?

    2004 S60R. So far I found the radiator drain and the drain in the coolant line to the oil cooler. I thought there was a block drain on the front by the oil pressure sensor, but I can not find it. Where is the block drain? Are there other drains? Thanks
  5. vlvman

    Rope Trick?

    Will the rope trick work on a white block or any other engine? I see no reason why it would not work but have not seen it used or recommended on any other engines.
  6. vlvman

    S/V/C S60R Engine Serial #

    I need to find the engine serial number to purchase replacement parts for my 04 S60R. I know where it was on a 850 and I looked there but did not find it. Where is it? Thanks.
  7. vlvman

    08 S40 Battery / Charging Problems

    My girlfriend has a 2008 S40 2.4i. Shortly after we got the car it would fail to crank at random times and we could wait 30 minutes and it would start normally. Last summer I got tired of this behavior and put a new Autocraft silver battery in it. This morning it was dead, not even the dome...
  8. vlvman

    2008 S40 Rear Brake Calipers

    I just finished replacing the rear brake pads on this car, and wanted to share some information. First thing I noticed was it does not have lug bolts, it has studs and lug nuts instead. The wheels where frozen to the hub and had to be kicked many times to free them, I sprayed the rear of the...
  9. vlvman

    S/V/C Need Help Selecting a Filter

    I am looking for a new filter to replace the one I installed in the boost line to my boost control solenoid on my S60. For about two years now I have had a small fuel filter in the boost signal line to keep carbon and dirt from the PVC system out of the boost valve. Before I installed this...
  10. vlvman

    S40 HVAC Questions

    2008 S40 2.4i, Manual HVAC Controls, 48xxx miles. First should there be a AC info label under the hood? The one which shows charge weight and such. Where would it be? What is the charge weight? Is there a cabin filter, and where is it? I doubt it has one but I am thinking one could be added. We...
  11. vlvman

    S40 Bearing sound and Check Engine Lite

    2008 S40 2.4i 47,000 miles has a loud bearing sound or metal rubbing sound, that just started today after a highway trip, seems to go away when turning right. Now the check engine light is on. I tried checking the code with my cheap obdII reader but it says error. To me it sounds like a failed...
  12. vlvman

    S60R Alarm Service Required?

    2004 S60R, sometimes I get the alarm service required message right after starting the car then it goes away. Is this the siren module problems I have heard of? Is it ok to ignore it? Would disconnecting the battery help? Is everything still locking? Will I have problems getting into or starting...
  13. vlvman

    How Long Will my Battery Last?

    Original battery in my 04 S60. Will it last two more years? Should I go buy a new Interstate now before it gets much colder? The battery is in the trunk away from the engine heat. I am thinking it will last two more years. What do you think?
  14. vlvman

    Reviving a Sulfated Battery

    Anyone ever do this using epsom salt? I tried it on two junk batteries yesterday, Seems to have worked good on one and fair on the other. Both where at o.o volts before, now one is at 12.6 and the other is at 12.3 volts. The one that reads 12.6 volts passes the load test. The other is still...
  15. vlvman

    S60R Brake?

    Car is a 2004 S60R. If I go quickly from boost to braking it always seems to over brake. I remember the first time I nearly hit my nose on the steering wheel. I have had this car for five years now and it has always done this. The last time it did it I was at WOT pulling out to pass two cars...
  16. vlvman

    Help, Lost all my Volvo Web links.

    Due to a computer snafu I lost all my browser links for volvo parts sites and information sites. I was considering putting all these on my web site but now they are gone. Please post your volvo web links here. Thanks
  17. vlvman

    Torque Wrench Calibration

    I have two torque wrenches and I am sure they need calibrated. Where do I get them calibrated and how much will it cost?
  18. vlvman

    K-jet AFR's

    I have a wide band on my 82 240 with k-jet, it is a B21F9 (mpg). During acceleration I can't get enrichment until about 5000 rpm's. At lower rpm's and WOT it never drops below 14.0. I pulled the L cam and installed an IPD today hopping it would help, it did not. How do I get more fuel during...
  19. vlvman

    Vacuum Advance / Retard?

    I have a dizzy with advance and retard on it. Does the vacuum retard need to be at intake pressure for it to function correctly? The engine pings with very little throttle during acceleration and deceleration.
  20. vlvman

    Need help with choosing ignition parts.

    I changed the ignition system on my 82 240. It had a Chrysler system on it and I put a Bosch on it. The Bosch system was from either a 77 or an 80 240. My question is about the rotor, it seems I recall there being two shaft sizes. I can measure the shaft, but wondered if a 77 and an 80 would be...