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  1. vegasbrick

    Have you seen this Volvo Amazon?

    It's a Volvo Amazon-BMW-Nissan GT-R Frankencar. Here is the link....http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/news/a26437/volvo-amazon-frankencar/
  2. vegasbrick

    Turbo Head Swap Questions

    Hi everyone. Looking for guidance now that the deed is done. My 90 245 required a new head and to save money we pulled a 87 740 Turbo head. It is a 530 head but did have to swap the rear dizzy plate and coolant temperature sensor. I understand the valves are bigger in the turbo head, along...
  3. vegasbrick

    Factory painted valve and timing belt cover?

    Found this 740 turbo at a local pickapart and wondered if the factory would paint the valve cover and timing belt cover as an option? Is it representative of anything special? It looks like a normal 530 head. Any history on this kind of thing would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Anthony.
  4. vegasbrick

    240 can't go faster than 25 (limp mode?)

    83 DL Auto LH2.0 Between leaky fuel injectors, and a bad ground, I finally got the car running. Drove it out of the garage for a test run and engine run fine in Park and Neutral but in Drive and Reverse we picked up a knock. Drove it around the street and can not get it to go above 25 MPH...
  5. vegasbrick

    240 no spark / no PRMs on Tach

    ********************************************************************************* Solved - It was a stripped ground bolt on the intake manifold. Replaced the bolt on the front (2 ring ground) and she fired right up...
  6. vegasbrick

    240 fuel coming out of the top of the injectors

    1. I swapped out the wiring harness for an 83/84 retrofit version. 2. Plugged everything back in. Everything matched up from old harness to new. 3. Matched wires from driver's side harness to the ECU harness. 4. In the process replaced several key parts. Throttle position sensor, Idle Control...
  7. vegasbrick

    Bross Body Kit

    Has anyone bought a Bross Body Kit from these guys? If so, can you post additional pictures? Their site: http://www.hallsjostyling.com/index.jsp?produkt=569 Found this: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=157269
  8. vegasbrick

    Pictures of the 240 Bros Kit Installed

    http://www.hallsjostyling.com/index.jsp?produkt=569 Was looking at this and wondered what it looks like on a 240. If anyone can find a picture or two that would be great. TIA. Anthony.
  9. vegasbrick

    83/84 Harness Replacement Question

    I am on the last couple of steps in replacing my 83 harness with the 83/84 retrofit version. I have a question about the 5 wire block connector that connects to the other harness that goes under the driver's side dash area. My new 83/84 retrofit wiring harness has a 5 pin block with the...
  10. vegasbrick

    240 83/84 NA replacement wiring harness questions

    I'm almost completed replacing my old wiring harness (1983/84) with a new factory retrofit version and noticed this connector. It is beside the O2 Sensor connector. Is it just a diagnostic connector or does something plug into it? If so, what? As for the fuel injector connectors, does...
  11. vegasbrick

    240 Flame Trap Workaround - Good plan or not?

    I have an 83 NA car with B23F. I want to solve two fundamental problems: 1. make the filter easy to replace 2. keep as much oil out of my intake manifold as possible.* * i understand that some oil from the valves. etc. will get on the fuel injector area but want to keep it out of the rest of...
  12. vegasbrick

    240 Can this be cleaned?

    It is a 240 oil separator box and mine is a mess. Can this part be cleaned or do I have to put down 51 bones + shipping to get a new one? If so, any suggestions for getting it back to working order? Thanks. Anthony.
  13. vegasbrick

    240 intake manifold cleaning

    I have an 83 242 b23f NA. I took my intake manifold off today in preparation for replacing a few parts and running a new wiring harness. What a mess. Looks like an oil rig on the inside. The throttle body actually had oil dripping from it when I took off the intake hose. The outside could use a...
  14. vegasbrick

    Mazda brake caliper question

    I was asked and want to be sure before selling..... Can a brother get a definitive answer? Thanks in advance. Anthony.
  15. vegasbrick

    240 power steering went out

    i've got an 83 242 with non-working A/C and my power steering went out. it was leaking, so I refilled it to the mark inside the cap and after a few miles it just gave out. no power steering whine before I refilled it. Now the leak it had before is not there, now just a drop or two. Could this...
  16. vegasbrick

    240 H4 Lighting Question

    I have converted my 83 242 to 7in rounds from Quad rectangles. Rewired the 7in round plugs to get the proper low and high beams. So far the lighting is modern Halogen sealed beams but I want something brighter. Now I have acquired a set of Hella H4s in decent shape from the junkyard. Hint...
  17. vegasbrick

    240 Weirdness and Relief at the Smog Station today

    My 83 reached it's one year anniversary and that meant a new smog test. The first smog(last year) was a total disaster. It took three tries before I finally get a pass. The problem was not emissions but an out of range RPM. Finally got a pass by lowering the idle.... way down. Today, exactly...
  18. vegasbrick

    installing power mirrors question

    Finally pulled the full power mirror wiring harness at the JY. I forgot to note which fuse I unhooked it from. It's from an 82 Turbo so which fuse do I hook it into? Thanks.
  19. vegasbrick

    240 Cluster Swap Question

    Hi TB. Happy New Year. With the new year comes changes to my DD. I want to swap an 75-81 style cluster into my 83. Outside of the physical difference in size, the round and half moon connectors look the same. Will the older cluster work in my 83 or will it fail? As for speedo it looks like...
  20. vegasbrick

    240 Restoring Virgos

    I just some virgos but they have been painted by previous owner. What is the best DIY method to get the paint off. I've read that paint remover would be the easiest but which one is safe for virgos? Open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.