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  1. Sleepy240

    Homemade EVAP smoker?

    Has anyone ever successfully made a successfully operational evap smoke machine? Do you have the instructions for doing so?
  2. Sleepy240

    LOTS! of puffy white exhaust

    I have billowy white clouds coming out my tailpipe (all the time, hot/cold/ warmed up/ first start), which I assume to be oil. Any ways I can tell where it might be coming from? i.e. piston rings vs valve seals, etc? A dye of sorts? I know there are small external leaks, but these do not...
  3. Sleepy240

    240 bucks during boost on hard accel

    My 245 is bucking during hard acceleration, especially when it is boosting. Normal driving and normal acceleration the car does not buck. Lopes a little at idle. I use high octane. Any ideas?
  4. Sleepy240

    Radiator Swaps

    posted this in the wrong forum previously: Does anyone know of non-Volvo radiators that will fit in a 244? Im looking for a compatible equivalent to a steel tank 3-core radiator? Any ideas, experience?
  5. Sleepy240

    non-Volvo radiators...

    does anyone know if there are other vehicles out there with compatible 3 (or more) core radiators that will fit and work, in a turbo 240? should i be looking at mercedes, diesels, v8's? any ideas for tough duty radiators in case a volvo isnt around in the yard?