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  1. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    New clutch problems

    I have a 1990 volvo 240 just installed a new spec clutch with TO bearing and pilot bearing. I have some pedal pressure but not alot. It doesn't matter if I press it either. It just slides in and out of any gear. The clutch just seems to not be doing anything. What did I do wrong?
  2. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Megasquirt lh3.1

    So I tried to do some searching but didn't really teach any success. I'm gonna try to turbo my 90 240 at the begging of the year and just trying to get my info prepared for it. I think I want to go megasquirt but i just haven't been able to find any real info on anyone putting megasquirt in...
  3. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Wheel hop

    So I've noticed lately in my 90 Volvo 240. If I take off relatively hard from a stop my front passenger side wheel seems to hop and studder. I've replaced my ball joints and I just put brand new koni yellow shocks in it. So what could be the cause of this?
  4. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    240 M47 transmission

    So recently it seems that my m47 transmission has started a small little grinding into 4th gear. It's the only one that does it and not every time. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th work perfect. Along with that there is a slight noise when I put my foot on the clutch. Could this be bad synchronizer and...
  5. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    3.1 chippable?

    So I have the lh 3.1 in my 1990 volvo 244. Are these chippable. I remember seeing a build somewhere here that someone had "the first 3.1 chip." Just seeing if that was still a thing or not.
  6. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Detroit truetrac locker

    So I'm looking at getting the truetrac lsd. But not sure which one I'm suppose to buy. Is there a specific one or will any of them work?
  7. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    240 Weird problem. How do I fix this?

    So every once in a while my cars power windows, radio, and oil pump doesn't work. Doesn't happen all the time but when it does it takes me like 4 or 5 times of turning off and on before it works correctly and then there's no problem. What could that be? A bad relay or something?
  8. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Rattling in engine

    So yesterday I turn my car off it sat for a few hours and then I went to turn it back on and it sounded like there were golf balls under the valve cover. So I removed it and everything was in order. So I put it back on and started it again. There was no noise at all sounded normal. Is this...
  9. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Fortune auto coilovers

    What is everyone's thoughts on these?http://www.fortune-auto.com/airpistonliftsystem.htm I know they don't have the whole system for volvos but things can be fabricated to fit.
  10. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Caffeine and octane in Atlanta, ga

    Anyone going to caffeine and octane this weekend.
  11. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle


    Has anyone used these?https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-br-series-coilover-kit-240-bc-racing-zg-12br?gclid=CjwKEAjwrOO3BRCX55-L9_WojHoSJAAPxcSP3lceJj1xFKnYmR7CRmQrXYiFhDHQ63qacdTG2QSp1xoCOFXw_wcB
  12. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    240 Engine noise

    Ok so Ive asked this question already but I think the noise is getting worse and it worries me. So in the morning when its cold it happens most. It makes a quite noticeable knock sound and before I thought stopped at higher revs but further inspection reveals that it doesnt. I does eventually...
  13. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Weird tapping sound

    I have a tapping sound in the cam area. That's where it sounds like it's coming from at least. The car drives and runs fine but while it idles it taps. When I put more rpms on it it stops. Anyone know what this could be?
  14. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle


    So my friend wants to try to put these on his 91 240 wagon. What's you guys thoughts on them? http://speed-daddy.com/93-98-vw-volkswagen-getta-golf-gti-adjustable-scaled-black-coilover-blue-springs?fee=4&fep=117217&gclid=CL70xvzPpcsCFUI9gQod3joIDQ
  15. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Will this fit?

    Specifics Model Name ACG001-4G93 Item Width 11.5 cm Material Type Aluminum Item Height 3.3 cm Special Features Adjustable cam gear External Testing Certification ISO9001 Item Type Crank Mechanism Item Length 11.5 cm Displacement 00 Item Diameter 11.5 cm Item Weight 485 g is_customized Yes
  16. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    Cam suggestions

    So I going to do a +T on my n/a 240. But before that I want to put a new cam in. Would the A or B be a good choice or is there different one that will be a better fit for my future turbo setup? But still work well in the current N/A. Thanks in advance.
  17. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    A grind cam

    Where can I find the volvo A cam? Been searching with no results.
  18. Tom MarVOLVO Riddle

    1990 volvo 240 3.1 jetronic

    I'm wanting to turbo my 240 soon and I was curious if there was anything I needed to do with my ecu and icu. I'm only planning on running like 5 psi of boost. Will everything I have in the car now handle that? Do I need to try and possibly switch it to the 2.2 lh and put the turbo ecu and icu in?