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  1. PEGASUS 6

    IAC woe? Dies on road aftyer sputter catch die

    1990 740 turbo 2.3 LH2.4, driving and car dies, restart poor idle, drive off the cliff and die, :wtf: no but it started and we drove, the car would stall, light, stall, light, stall, die. pulled into parking lot, reset ecu. start car, drive off, stall, light, stall light stall die.\\ no restart...
  2. PEGASUS 6

    563 out 967 in LH2.4 Turbo

    I had a stalling issue/ CEL code 1-2-3 in prong 2. 1990 volvo 744 B230FT LH2.4 Parts Cannon firing order; Replaced CPS sensor, Power Stage, Battery, and after I installed a new engine temp sensor, the code persisted. I replaced the debated fail 563 ecu chipped with TLAO with an ebay Genuine 967...
  3. PEGASUS 6

    Tach dances up to redline and back CEL

    Just lately my Car has been acting like she dont wanna go, if i give more than half throttle it boggs and stalls. At idle and even while driving the RPM needle in the tach goes effing bezerk and then chills out again like nothing weird is happening. 1990 B230FT clean plugs, new oil, switched...
  4. PEGASUS 6

    Rada, you got these pics?

    The rim game is stepping up. About to place an order for the ol turd You got pics of a 740 non wide body rockin 19's? I had considered going with 20's just to be fun and stoopid, but i dont want all the drivability issues that can come about when running plus sized. tee he I am most likey...
  5. PEGASUS 6

    Crown point rally

    We are going for a AM drive to Crown Point, departing from FRED MEYER 2500 Columbia House Blvd Vancouver, WA 98661 time;0800-0900 RUNG WUTTA BRUNG!!!! Whatever you driving... Theres a Thatchers coffee at the freddys parking lot for all the coffee addicts and starbucks haters, Ill be there...
  6. PEGASUS 6

    Adapters for wish list rims?

    I found a set of wheels I want for my 740, what adapter size will I need for this to work? front wheels are 17x9 with a 5.95" backspace +24mm offset, rears are 17x10.5 with a +20mm offset I cant get the wheels for a bit, but I would like to know what adapters ill need to fit em Thanks
  7. PEGASUS 6

    dyno testing pdx vawa

    been looking online - where is a good place to go to run a dyno in portland vancouver? any volvo friendly local?
  8. PEGASUS 6

    14point7 SLC Wideband O2

    Any one running one? I just got mine, a Pure Plus II. I have a rattle in my newly done exhaust so Im bringing this to the shop with me to get the O2 bung welded in. What am I looking at here for a basic install? How did you wire it>? I am going on a road trip soon and this car needs to be...
  9. PEGASUS 6

    poor mans water/met injection

    using vac lines and a water jug, and a needle http://www.dave-cushman.net/misc/mannject.html here to http://journeytoforever.org/biofuel_library/ethanol_motherearth/me3.html
  10. PEGASUS 6

    POS flea bay BOV no boost?

    Any one else have any issues with LH2.4 restricting + boost after venting to atmosphere? I got my genuine 012 MAF and no more cel paired with TLAO and #48 injectors. I was able to build about 10lbs yesterday and after the BOV vented it hesitated every time and wouldnt get any boost. My...
  11. PEGASUS 6

    Flat Flange 15G 16T mystery

    okay, so no more quickbrickmotorsports We all know how direct a "swap" the TD04's are to our bricks (15g 16t 19t) but once you venture into the downpipe aspect, this information is either safe guarded or unavailabe. Most people are not setup atm to build or sell a DP for the 3" flat flange...
  12. PEGASUS 6

    Quick Chip TLAO (help)

    yesterday, i had the ecu chip in backwards and the fuel pump wouldnt cut off. Got the chip flipped and the fuel delivery is like it should be, primes and stops. I go to start her up today, and when i turn the key it dosent crank, it acts like the battery is dead. (two new batts) I put my...
  13. PEGASUS 6

    740 Hole in block? threaded

    I have had a mystery leak for a while. I was pretty sure it was the Oil return from the Turbo. resealed and still leaked- B230FT 1990 Today doing motor mounts, I saw this hole - What is this for? Before I bolt it closed I wanted to check with you first TB. I am pointing at it with the...
  14. PEGASUS 6

    o m g . . . i love your rack

    who has a sexy rack, who has a friend with a sexy rack? :-D i want my own rack to play with, where did you get yours? can I have your rack? volvo 740 sedan
  15. PEGASUS 6

    * CHEAP * exhaust manifold nuts

    In the process of gathering bits for a port job / 16t mount and any recourcce for inexpensive copper 13mm bolts used for the exhaust mani would be a great help! FCP didnt have any I saw and IPD ( charges a bit much sometimes ) jk ipd we love you ;-) Thanks in advance
  16. PEGASUS 6

    NON-Bosch 012 AMM?

    any one running an aftermarket 012 amm?
  17. PEGASUS 6

    PTC restr 1991 LH2.4

    Do we need p0art # 1357352, ? I read on brickboard on it here http://www.brickboard.com/RWD/index.htm?id=1004868&show_all=2 but topic dnm if it was needed? I am planning on running 37+gph injectors and am looking at thelostartof chips as i will need the car on the road this month, i wonder...
  18. PEGASUS 6

    This shiny turd :)

    Picked up a blindfolded 1991 740 sedan. spent 600, and had no passable brakes, but got it home 4 or 5 months ago. It came as i had just finished painting my S10 98. It sat outside with a dead batt and ziptied on plug wires as I waited researched and listed. :nod: Order 1. mallory high out...
  19. PEGASUS 6

    S/V/C Brake caliper stuck?

    Hi, my 745 got dead by a head-on. I'm trying to repair my boo's 99 v70 xc. The front brakes are toast, the rotor is ground from riding on the caliper with no pads. I got the car on jack stands, removed the bolts from the caliper to the rotor and it wont budge. My caliper has the coat...