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    Steering shaft question.

    Are all steering shafts boxy like mine? Car is a 92 auto with abs. Mine hits my flipped manifolds.
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    940 fan relay

    I have a 940 fan and the leads for the relay are short, power in and both activation grounds. Does anyone know if they make replacement pigtails for fixing these? Or do I pull them apart and redo them?
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    8.8 swap tabs

    Anyone here make tabs for an 8.8 swap? Hate to cut up my rear end if someone makes them.
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    LS swap guys step in.

    Has anyone had any steering twitchiness when using a gm pump with the stock rack? I have truck accessories and wanted to make sure the 3.0 gpm the pump flows is okay.
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    240 Power steering pressure

    Anyone know what the output pressure and gallons per minute is on a 1993 240?
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    Project: Single Digit Brick

    I have never had a build thread before, so if it sucks bare with me. I bought this car about four years ago for a practically nothing because the rear bumper fell off. I worked at a foreign car shop and the guy was moving back home after collage. Shortly after getting it home and fixed, my...
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    240 Center console

    Has anyone ever installed a console out of a different vehicle? I know we had an arm rest but was looking for console ideas.
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    stock gauges.

    Planning stages of a ls swap on my 1992 240. I'm in the process of pulling the engine and harness. As I was pulling the harness out of the inside I noticed a small white connector next to the engine computer. Is this the gauge feed?
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    Fastest stock suspension brick?

    My question was how fast have people gone in the 1/4 mile without a aftermarket 4 link/ladder bar kit. All I need to have stock is where the rear control arms and panhard bar mount to. the parts don't have to be stock, just the mounting points for a class I plan to run in. Car is a 240
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    240 Flathood Prices

    I acquired a Volvo flathood grill from a junked '85. And I was going to use it but decided against it so I may sell it. Was woundering what they usually go for. It in pretty good shape. A few small scuffs, and the chrome could use a buff/clean.
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    240 Coupe floor pan replacement.

    OK so I acquired a 240 coupe at a unbeatable price(free). It has been sitting since '96 in a spot that collects water under it. And now the passenger rear floor needs replacement. I looked up floor pans and I found a site that sells them, but the don't specify whether they fit a coupe, sedan, or...