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  1. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    2023 SE Brick Boil! March 24-26 2023

    Not sure if I'll make that one. Its our anniversery, but the missus and I already have a trip planned the following meet. Maybe I can compromise.
  2. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Do88 Radiator for 740

    Anybody purchase the D088 radiator for their 7/9? I'm looking at the D088 WC-240 model. THere is a WC-250, that appears a bit larger but does not support A/C. Has anyone purchased the AC version vs the non-ac. The car does not have A/C right now, but I plan on adding it back in the future. I...
  3. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Slow rack?

    Has anyone done any extensive research on quicker steering for the 7/9 series cars? My steering seems to be slow at best in my current wagon. Just trying to find some recommendations on racks with quicker ratios to speed things up in the steering department.
  4. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Show me your race car interiorrs

    Its been awhile. I've been away for a bit, but still talk to a few in the community. Anyway, I'm working on a new brick project going for full race. So show me your race car interiors! This car has no interior to speak of, and will need something bare bones for a race car. This is a full on...
  5. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    No rpm signal, no trigger signal (stupid question inside)

    A few months back, my car just stopped running whilst I was driving. Suddenly lost spark. I fired up the tooth and trigger loggers and could see tooth, but no trigger signal. I suspected a bad CAS, so I replaced that. No dice. I then swapped ignition modules from an lx896 (hyundai sonata) to...
  6. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Critique my map...how's my timing?

    I'm running a holset hx30 with 531 head, T-cam (sadly), full header and ms2. The car currently runs 16psi. I'd like to get a little more responce out of the turbo. Its rather small for a holset, but the boost responce is low even though it spools rather early (2800rpms). However, you're not...
  7. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Cummins head bolts?

    In one of my wackier days of trying to repair a whiteblock, I happened upon some cummins head bolts. they're of the exact same size and thread pitch as b230 head bolts. They come in sets of 26, some long, some short and some medium. Has anyone used these in a b230 application? I know some go...
  8. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    PW drop and tach spike (or who wants a megasquirt?)

    Hi all. I've got an MS1, V 2.2 running MSExtra 11c1 code. The setup is running wasted spark via DSM coil pack with the VR conditioner circuit. Last year, I experienced some tach spiking issues, which were remedied by improving the grounds on the harness as well as the alternator, new crank...
  9. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    850 thread size on 850 head bolts

    I've got a volvo 850 with the threads a bit chewed. The bolt will go down, but it no longer tightens to an appreciable amount of torque. I was going to attempt to run a tap through it, but I do not know the thread size/pitch. Anybody know the thread size for fwd head bolts?
  10. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Getting your b230 balanced

    I'm nearly ready to take my b230 to have it balanced. Its rocking a set of internals sourced from a prominent board member here. The engine is destined for a 16v setup, but the balancer wants a few things. 1. Harmonic balancer (check, have a newly purchased one) 2. all rotating gears...
  11. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    C4/AOD tranny swap?

    With all of us now having a bit of income and our volvo projects going, I've seen a few american automatic tranny swaps going on . We've got kenny with his TH350 swap and qwkswede with the 700r4 . Myself, I've been looking at a C4. I've been given a good deal on one already built by...
  12. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    850 850 tranny swap?

    So I've got a 95 850 wagon with a bad trans. It is pretty apparent, the auto will have to come out. I've been given a tranny to swap, but how difficult is it? i've got the mitchell manual in front of me, as well as done the regular search, but I had a few additional questions, to those who...
  13. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Ve Analyze Live

    Has anyone used this? I tried it out in tuner studio to help smooth my cruise AFRs and it seems to rock the house. A rock solid 14.5:1 afrs through the cruise range, but I'm still trying to fix the low, near idle stuff. I hear its better if you can get the lag correct for your 02 sensor.
  14. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    940 with turbo 850 rims

    Anyone have pics of a 940 with 850 turbo "turbine" rims? I have a set laying around and was recently offered some 225 50/16 wheels. Thinking of ordering the adaptors and going through with it, but am curious to how it will turn out. Pics please. thanks!
  15. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    New, larger fuel injectors, now leaner than ever

    I picked up a set of 72lb CFI injectors that used to inhabit a certain supra some will no doubt be familiar with on this board. The injectors were swapped in over the weekend and I turned down my req fuel from 8.8 to 4.0 to accomodate the increased flow and began to re-tune. The car drove...
  16. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Holset Brix

    Everyone, post up pics of ya holset installs. I'm trying to get some ideas.... OH yea, heres mine.
  17. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Stupid F#cking Volvo wiring!

    Soo my Megasquirt is currently no more. I will have to send it off to have it repaired. Last week, from what I can surmise, a relay must've stuck open, whilst I was flogging the car, causing a rather large short on the #1 30 amp fuse. This fuse powers the primary fuel pump as well as the MS...
  18. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    B230 to B21 manifold swap? (and modify)

    So I've been eyeing b21 intake manifolds. It *looks* like a good flowing design. Anyway, has anyone tried this swap before? I know you will have to improvise some sort of injector boss, which I am prepared to do. I've got one b21 manifold and a pair of b230 manifolds to hack up...
  19. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    Not a volvo swap you see every day

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Zwm3k_Uin3c&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Zwm3k_Uin3c&hl=en&fs=1"...
  20. tequila_gundam_no_chaser

    The car's new home

    So here are some promised pics of the home...as well as the car, and a few other pics.... The new workshop The new turbo Awaiting Wrap <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a...