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  1. J

    QUick question

    Hey - anyone know the size of the tubing that runs from the brake master cylinder to the clutch master cylinder? Thanks.
  2. J

    960 Brake pedal assembly removal question

    All, I'm trying to pull the brake pedal assembly out of my 1997 960. I removed the 4 nuts holding the vacuum diaphragm on the body as well as 2 bolts higher up, under the dash however there is a large black steel support structure that wraps around the bottom of the steering column that is...
  3. J

    Wiring resources?

    Guys, Putting a 5.3 Chevy V8 into my 1997 960. Is there any websites or threads here that covers the electrical stuff? I'm trying to keep as much of the Volvo electronics working, and will need help running wires. Any help would be appreciated.:-P
  4. J

    960 exhaust options

    I'm curious to hear from the V8 conversion guys, especially the LSx guys - what did you do for exhaust headers? Anyone ever try the slick fit headers? If you have pictures - share plox.:oogle:
  5. J

    960 conversion question

    I am in the early stages of converting my 1997 960 with an automatic over to a Chevy small block/manual transmission. I am looking for suggestions in regards to what type of clutch I should use - hydraulic or cable? From what I understand the 960 was only offered in automatic in North America...
  6. J

    5.7 Mopar hemi

    I am in the planning stages of a V8 conversion project and am seeking your thoughts. I have a 1997 960 Sedan with an automatic. My goal is to convert it over to a v8 with manual transmission. Initially I was going to go with a ?drop out? 5.3 liter vortec from BDturnkey engines, but after...
  7. J

    Conversion candidate

    Hello all, I'm new to the turbo bricks forum but have some experience with Volvos. About 15 years ago I put a CSB into my '79 242 DL. I never did get it on the road, and life happened, and I ended up selling everything. Since then I've owned 2 turbo 740s. I love Volvos, and it's now time...