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  1. resa850

    I'm no longer a member of the red 855 club :(

    Here is our new babymobile (well not yet, but maybe in a few years). '06 V50 t5. ALMOST fully loaded. It has everything but seat warmers, dynaudio sound, ground effects (most don't have this), a wing, and big wheels. Doug isn't planning on modifying it but we would like to do a few...
  2. resa850


    We had a fun little meet last night in Sacramento, which resulted in an Eddie Vedder impression X2 <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/5gAhMlHrvY4&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  3. resa850

    February Sushi Night in Sacramento, CA

    Since quite a few of us are local to Elk Grove/Sacramento I thought this might be fun. Our local sushi place is fantastic but just as everyone else times are tight for them. Doug an I thought it might be fun for us to get together one night for sushi, karaoke, beer and sake. We are thinking...
  4. resa850

    Squeeze Inn Burger Meet (Sacramento) SAT 7/28/07

    Who's down for round 2? Doug and I just saw a feature on the Squeeze Inn on the food network since jrocheunh told us about it. Now we're craving it! Its a little dive located basically here and puts my burgers to absolute shame. It IS a tiny little dive though... so Im thinking something...
  5. resa850

    May 27th, Sacramento: One last shebang

    aight so doug and i want to have one last bbq before we leave for seattle (june 1). we're thinking about memorial day weekend since its doug's birthday weekend, but thats also the weekend after davis which would trump the bbq. either way i just thought i'd throw that out there. doug wants to...
  6. resa850

    put my volans back on

    Doug got the spacers the other day for my car and delrin bushings for my a-arms. old nasty bushings new ones installed The bushings finally solved my clunking and pulling issues in the front end. Doug and I were both concerned there were more issues but seems good. He also put in a set...
  7. resa850

    bye bye spare wheel compartment, hello new stereo!!!!

    Curtesy of The Doug!!! I don't know very much about the specs, all I know is that there are tweeters in the dash, JL speakers in all four doors, a five channel amp, and a JL sub.... Oh and it sounds Freaking AWESOME!!!!! ask Doug for the details T-BONE
  8. resa850

    Sac Raceway 11/20/04

    these pics were taken at 7:30pm so please excuse the crappy lighting. http://www.pbase.com/resa850/sac_raceway_112004 tpk
  9. resa850

    Speed GT in Monterey 10/17

    so who's going?
  10. resa850

    Better fitting PS IC for you guys

    http://www.hypermaxdiesel.com/product_zoom.php?productID=intercooler_004 to bad its 1770 bucks ;-) But it looks like it would actually fit better because it tapers down towards the bottom, might even fit with out to much frame notching ;-)