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  1. GreatDaneShane

    Critique my new fuel sender/in-tank pump/swirl pot idea…

    https://www.rx7club.com/1st-generation-specific-1979-1985-18/tank-swirl-pot-ready-roll-769206/ for later reading, similar concept.
  2. GreatDaneShane

    CD009 users: What are your impressions?

    So mine hasnt gone in the car yet, but its an early model trans, and with the shifter installed the reverse gear is super close to 6th playing around with the shifter. How does yours shift?
  3. GreatDaneShane

    CD009 users: What are your impressions?

    the autosportsengineering shifter is within like a half inch of the m46 shifter in terms of placement in the hole. They dont work as well with the early transmissions though. From the website- ***This is not a straight drop in application modifications to your transmission will be required. As...
  4. GreatDaneShane

    Alright, which one of you thugz did this

    Lee that's the inside of your cat lol
  5. GreatDaneShane

    Power steering pump pressures

    Looking to put a T6 in my 164, and also retain the power steering. I've seen that the whiteblock 240 swaps will work with the stock 240 ps rack. How different are the pressures between a 240 ps rack and a 140/160 ps rack? Close enough to run the T6 ps pump? Does it really matter? Looking at...
  6. GreatDaneShane

    Extended lower control arms and sway bar end link mounting- 240

    So I daily a lifted 84 244, and it eats up tires like a mf. Due to the lift it has more positive camber than it should, even adjusted all the way out. I have a set of spare control arms I'll be extending with some 1/4 inch plate a la travisminchew's thread. My issue is that the sway bar end link...
  7. GreatDaneShane

    Does my 960 have nivomats?

    I just picked up a 95 960 wagon and was curious if there is a way to tell? Body code? Vin? was it just a dealer option? Its rainy and nasty in the driveway and I don't feel like ****ing around under there. PO said it had them, but the shocks dont look like the nivomats i've seen in photos-...
  8. GreatDaneShane

    ITB sizing?

    How do you figure out what size to use? Looking at using some on a B30f after ditching the djet stuff and I found some 50mm ones from an e46 m3. I've seen people run triple 45 dcoe carbs on these, so would the extra 5mm per hole be too large?
  9. GreatDaneShane

    Vintage 164 vs 140 engine bay

    How similar are they? looking at picking up a 164 in the near future. I recall something about the crossmember placement being different or something to accommodate the b30 but i might be trippin. I know one of you knows.
  10. GreatDaneShane

    Head Modifications for ENEM C2

    I read something about larger diameter lifters? Where do i find these? The head will have larger valves and yoshifab beehive springs. Finally getting this project moving. Thanks in advance.
  11. GreatDaneShane

    240 Chassis Structure Question

    So the sheetmetal that the seat mounts to, between the trans tunnel and outer structure of the car is the piece in question. Mine has rusted almost all of the way through on the rear floorboard, so i drilled out the spot welds and am in the process of removing said piece of sheetmetal. Would I...
  12. GreatDaneShane

    Sizing compound turbos

    I assume there is some sort of formula or rule of thumb for this stuff yeah? I'm thinking 19t for the small one, and something substantially larger for the large one. A big ebay turd comes to mind. Mainly because I already have it. I know homeboy used a 16t and a gt42 on his, but that never ran...
  13. GreatDaneShane

    Direct port nitrous through kjet injector holes?

    Has anyone ever run a direct port wet shot through the kjet holes in the older 8v heads? I've got one on the beige car and have been thinking about doing something with the holes, since they're there and all. I'll be running some 1200ccs in the manifold. The other option is to just run another...
  14. GreatDaneShane

    Twinscroll manifold wastegate

    Assuming I kept the flange for the wastegate divided like this, ( | ) would running a single wg on a twinscroll manifold defeat the purpose of having a twinscroll manifold? How much of a difference would it really make?
  15. GreatDaneShane

    New exhaust clip

  16. GreatDaneShane

    no fuel with buchka board

    So the car is wired up with lh 2.4/ezk116 and a Buchka green board for wasted spark, but isnt firing the injectors with the board soldered in. Why would this be happening? An ezk box with the board removed fires the injectors.
  17. GreatDaneShane

    02 s40 t4 to t5 swap?

    What all needs to be swapped over? Just the harness/engine/ecu? Looking into it for a friend.
  18. GreatDaneShane

    redblock straight eight?

    Could you just weld the cranks nose to tail and megasquirt it or something? Not should you, but could you. Benchrace yoloswag, but what would need to be done to make it happen?
  19. GreatDaneShane

    IAC vacuum port location

    Is it fine to stick it next to all of the other vac lines on a vacuum block on a custom intake, or should it be somewhere away from the rest to keep the signal from being tainted? Am I over thinking this? I'm only concerned because of the stock locations of these items. are they placed where...
  20. GreatDaneShane

    Building a dual plenum/dual intake, a few questions.

    thinking about building something like this they seem to flow a lot more evenly than traditional manifolds I really like the look of this audi manifold, with a dual inlet plenum. this is someones build on an mr2 old single plenum new dual plenum My question is, do you still make the...