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    I Don't Always Roll Dirty...

    But when I do I roll in I roll in a 93 245 Classic.
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    760 Seat belts wont unlock

    So I pulled apart my interior yesterday and today to search for rust, and be rid of the sound deadening material, and in doing so the seatbelt reel/spool/ratchet things locked up and wont release the belt so I can put the seats back in. Is there a trick to make them unlock without taking the...
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    760 Steering lock/dash fitment

    So when I got my 760, the PO had taken the original ignition/steering lock/key setup for his 940, so I had to go to PnP to get another steering column for it. I couldn't get the ignition cylinder to fit in it's hole in the dash, so I slid it out of the steering column and zip tied it to the...
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    Henry's 764ti build thread (56k get dsl)

    To start this off, this car was Orie's car at one point, then his friend owned it (the guy I got it from). He had it sitting in his driveway with a broken clutch fork and 2 damaged Dracos, missing parts on the steering column, and a ton of other little things I will sort as it comes along...
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    760 Hydraulic clutch fork

    Is it possible to remove the clutch fork without removing the transmission (the hole in the side of the bell housing is large enough, and I can get the spring off the pivot ball thing, but it won't slide out like it looks like it could). I cant tell if it has another retainer clip holding it to...
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    760 No low beams or tail lights/brakelights

    So I have ruled out all but the wiring, and the fact that the bulb fail electronic "module" is missing. The bulbs are good and there, but I cant get the brake lights (other than the 3rd one) to work, only 2 of the tail lights works, and there are no low beams (bulbs are good though). If the...
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    How hard is it to remove the rear springs

    on a 240? I need to go grab a couple before I go to SLO to pick up a 245, but I don't know how involved it is to get them out at the junkyard, especially since the cars are sitting on the axles instead of the frame. OR: Does anyone have a spare set of springs in SLO or nearby?
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    850 Drivers side door lock

    The key doesn't want to turn the drivers door lock anymore. Its like the pins in the tumbler have worn down to the point to where they dont match the pattern on the key. Is there a way to remove the tumbler to inspect it, or does the entire handle have to be replaced? (it looks like its one...
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    Stuck valve

    On my 1993 850, it has almost always made the ticking sound when I start it after it sitting for a couple days, and usually goes away after 30 seconds to a minute. Today I started it, and the ticking sound stayed (I ran it for like 20 minutes). It got up to operating temperature, and it is still...
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    IN-N-OUT Meet P'ville or Auburn

    Would anyone be interested in meeting up at one of the In-n-outs some time this week? If so PM me and we'll set up a good time. I want to meet some of the tbrickers in my area:nod:
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    Does the 850 make a good track car?

    I am trying to decide if I should put any money into my DD 850 5 speed(I was thinking a strut brace and some other suspension stuff to tighten up the handling) when I get another job (I am getting pretty close, have a couple lined up, one a shoe in welding position), or should I dump it (or...
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    1988 244 transmission issues

    I am repairing a 1988 240 for my friend tomorrow, and he says it revs up a bunch before it "slams" into 1st gear. It is an automatic. He also says it wont go into overdrive (like the od switch is bad). Is the overdrive switch a replace only item, or can it be repaired? I am pretty sure the...
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    Turbo question

    I was wondering if any of the 240 cars with the factory turbo came with EFI, or were they all K jetronic mechanical fuel injection?
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    What is the difference between the M56H and the M56L transmissions? My car has the M56L.
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    850 has become gutless

    On my trip down to southern California, I noticed the car would smoke when climbing hills in 3rd gear (around 4500 rpm). I could see a smoke in the driver side mirror, and I am assuming its oil smoke considering the mileage (210,000) and the amount of oil it consumes (between a quart to a quart...
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    B5254FS rebuild kit

    My 1993 volvo 850 seems to be burning quite a bit of oil (about a quart to a quart and a half of oil every tank), and I was wondering if anyone makes a rebuild kit for it. I have looked on ebay and other sites and haven't seen any rebuild kits or rebuilt engines, just used ones. I know I could...
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    1993 volvo 850 wheel lug pattern

    I was wondering what other volvos, or other cars for that matter have the same 4 lug pattern as the 1993 volvo 850? I think it is a larger bolt pattern than most japanese cars (4x100mm). Also, is it possible to switch the hubs for the 1994 on 5 lug?
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    converting an auto 240 to a manual transmission

    I was wondering how difficult it would be to convert a 240 with an auto to a manual transmission. I know with other vehicles I've owned (mostly toyota trucks), it is fairly simple to do, with all the mounting points for the clutch pedal and brake already there, so all that is needed is the parts...
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    just got a volvo 850

    I just got my first volvo about a month ago. I dont know if this forum is for the 850, but this seems to be the website I have heard of the most when it comes to volvo cars. I know that the turbo brick is the turbo 240 or 740. I am hoping there are other 850 owners around. Mine is a 1993 non...