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    Working on an iOS to MS Tuning/Logging App

    Howdy, I thought I'd post to let everyone know of an iOS app/hardware solution I've been working on for logging AND tuning Megasquirt using an iPad 3, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5. I totally get the, "Why? a $50 notebook works fine" argument, but I'm a geek and I think it's cool. The app is...
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    Moar black

    Despite having 100 more important things I should have been working on today... I've been wanting to black out the grille/headlight surrounds so I did that. Plus the grille slats looked terrible. Thoughts? After Before (sorry nothing up close)
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    2.5" IC and intake pipes getting too small?

    So when I built the 242 last summer, I used the 92+ center enter/exit IC from the later 9'ers. Because I was crunched for time near the end, I ended up using all the factory 2.5" pipes plus another coldside pipe modified for the turbo's intake. There's a giant K&N cylinder filter on the end...
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    Links to M90 swap threads?

    i remember reading at least one thread, a sort of step by step for the m90 swap into our US volvos. I'm mainly interested in the hydraulic clutch details as well as 240 specific info. Searched a bunch... nothing. "m90" is too short to search....
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    Mini photoshoot (until the rain came)

    Washed up the 242 yesterday and spent the evening giving the whole thing the Meguiars Paint cleaner treatment. That stuff is absolutely incredible. The difference was night and day where I had done and where I hadn't. Went out to get some pics but only got a few before the rain really started...
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    Benchracing idle control for MS

    My only current gripe and frustration with MS is that I can't get closed loop idle to work and it's really annoying having to turn up the idle motor DC every time I want to turn on the A/C. The same would go for headlights, fog lights, and fans, but I just idle it up enough right now so it can...
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    EDIS w/ factory tach goes out above 2500 rpm

    I know the whole EDIS/factory tach issue is kinda iffy but I've been trying to get it working. First tried the pull-up wire method, using the 1000 ohm resistor (IIRC) for 12v going to the tach along with the EDIS tach output. No luck at all. I redid it with a wire running off each side of...
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    White smoke on rebuilt B230

    84 242. Completely rebuilt 93 B230FT block with maybe 300 miles on it so far. Next in a line of strange occurences, the car is now blowing some white smoke out the back, and it doesn't seem to be going away after atleast 70 miles of driving. it might have been there the whole time, I honestly...
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    smoothing out the return to idle

    No matter if I turn on closed-loop PWM idle or just do the warmup option with the duty table, it's never quite smooth coming back to idle after I've been on the gas. Right when you left off the gas (and push in the clutch), the RPMs drop down to about 500-600 and then recovers back up to either...
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    just changed heater valve, still always blowing warm

    well the old metal heater valve in the 242 wouldn't close all the way so it was always blowing a little warm when the valve was fulll closed. did the scan tech retrofit kit and got it all adjusted and it's still blowing warm. it's 65 degrees out today and the air out the vents was about 78 to...
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    It really wants to run

    After sorting out various problems, finally cranked the new motor over today for the first times trying to get it started. Messed with cranking pulse until it would start to run, and then itd rev to about 2000 and then die. so, I start screwing with afterstart enrichment, but it seems like it...
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    Just rebuilt engine and there's water in the oil?

    Posted this in my project thread but it'll probably get more views here. alright, today i go to start the rebuilt b230ft for the first time and as would probably be expected with someone starting on Megaquirt, it doesn't start. pull out the plugs to check if its way flooded or something, and...
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    Starter VE and Ignition tables for MS

    I thought there'd be a lot on this but I searched and other than that "boat theory" thread where all the pics are now missing, i just came up with this site for starter ignition tables on redblocks: http://www.cramptonstation.com/megasquirtandspark.htm but neither of those setups are very...
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    86+ hood on pre-86 240 front end

    looking through some pics earlier, I ran across a Euro 240 that looked to have the pre-86 hood, pre-86 grille, but the later style E-codes and fenders. I can't find anything in search but is there any reason, other than the cowl not matching up, that a 86+ hood couldn't go on a pre-86 front...
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    Fake front Euro plate

    I'm not usually into gimicky things like this but Euro plates just belongs on the front of 240's. I'm not quite sure what to put on mine though. So far, I've got: 242 TRBO-kinda jaded, but still cool BATMOBIL- nickname the car picked up at work, probably because it's black and its got the...
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    Detailed wiring diagram for MS-II, EDIS, & knocksense

    As some may know, I've been building a 242 for about 6 months now. For the whole thread, go here: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=99500 But for short, the "electronics" specs are MS-II, EDIS, knocksense, e-fan and a few other things. When we started, we made a really detailed...
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    Balncing CHRA

    I screwed up. I'm rebuilding my new 15g and I marked the wheels placements before I disassembled but dumbass me did it with white out then went and dropped all the parts in the cleaner. White Out vs. Grease Lightning, I think you know who wins. According to a rebuild tutorial I found online...
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    13g from a 98 V70 on a 240

    I know it's nothing new to use a 13g on a redblock, but I've heard talk of different "generations" of Mitsu turbos so I just want to make absolutely certain that after clocking, a 13g from a 98 V70 will work on a 90+ manifold and in the engine bay of a 242, right? Does it still have the stepped...
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    Another sad "I wrecked my car today" thread

    Another sad "I smooshed my car today" thread It's true. I wrecked the wagon today. And it's sad indeed. Basically, everyone was being merged out of the far right lane on a big road in town. Everyone in the next left lane was being curtious and letting one driver from the right lane in, then...
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    Jay's '84 242

    To start at the beginning, I bought a 92 245 when I turned 16 for a way to lug around all my music gear. I soon fell in love with the car, blah blah blah, skip a year and a half, I buy my 242. It had 242k miles on it when I bought it and was a good-looking, rolling danger zone. Anyway, I've...