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  1. orie

    My 745 rolls over 300k..

    I know, nothing unique for us, but it's still an achievement. Untouched stock (slap happy) shortblock. As a reward for that, she will be getting new rear axle bearings, a manual swap, a SE kit and a new paint job. I'd like to see her roll over at least 500k in her life time, though she's...
  2. orie

    Pre-Davis AutoX

    So, for any of you actually making the autox tomorrow, a little surprise for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD9TRUBa1Yg For the rest of you, this is part of what you're missing!
  3. orie

    Driveline whine/howl thoughts

    1990 745Ti, 297k, 330k on the 1041/g80 axle assy (pumpkin has clearly had the housing seal replaced at some point, fluid level not checked yet but was fine at install about 6mo ago) poly bushings all around making this more obvious. To get right to it: I am getting a very pronounced whine/howl...
  4. orie

    TB clock off a few minutes

    +3 minutes. Minor, i know. But maybe set up NTP while you're in doing the DB work? -Orz
  5. orie

    Where to buy intrax springs?

    I'm thinking about picking up some Intrax springs for my '90 745, but i'm not sure where to buy them. Anyone have any suggestions? I found http://www.tmengineering.net/suspension/intrax/make/volvo.html, but i'm not sure if that's a reliable place to buy from, as they seem to be Lexus centric...
  6. orie

    S/V/C v70 CEL help

    2000 v70. Runs great. Passed smog beautifully EXCEPT the CEL is on. Owner cleared the code before taking it but it threw the code while there, thus instant fail (Even though everything passed.. sigh, ****ing california.) CEL light is on. Code is P1672. Apparently this is "5v" system issue...
  7. orie

    740 Slightly odd charging observation

    1990 745Ti, all stock electricals, ND 100a alternator. When I first start the car, the stock volt meter hangs out just over middle, what appears to be a nice healthy ~14.9v. As I drive that will drop a little bit. However, if it's a cold / wet day and i'm using my headlights, blower fan...
  8. orie

    Found something in my trunk today

    1988 531 head, 37.5mm exhaust valves, some minor hogging on the exhaust port and a r-sport stage I cam. :bouncy: 4 3 2 1
  9. orie

    740 Smog failure - high NOx 25mph only

    So, this car is running better than it ever has, idles like new. 1st test: ---------RPM | CO2 | O2 | HCMAX HCAVG HCMES | COMAX COAVG COMES | NOMAX NOAVG NOMES 15mph 1692 | 14.4 | 0.5 | 80 37 49 | 0.52 0.13 0.04 | 549 285 686 (Fail) 25mph 1748 | 14.5 | 0.5 | 62 27 39 | 0.42 0.10 0.02 | 507 218...
  10. orie

    PBR Ultimates / Alternative?

    1990 745Ti w/stock calipers (the dual-piston) Well, i've been running PBR ultimates with slotted rotors, and i have to say, i absolutely love the combination. Fair amount of brake dust yes, but almost NO brake fade on tons of down hill braking as well as really responsive and great pedal...
  11. orie

    740 Wiring/parts diagram for MCC variations

    Hey all, i'm looking for the wiring diagram for the 1990 MCC (slider type) as well as the wiring diagram for a 1993 MCC (dial-type). Several of the diaphragms in my '90 system are leaking and the blower is shot so i'm thinking about swapping the entire guts of the 1993 style system into my...
  12. orie

    1041 rear end ratio question - do i get it?

    So, i have a 1041 rear with the g80. It's currently mated to a aw71, but it's going to go into my DD, which will also be a m46 car. If i wanted to have the 3:51 rather than the 3.73 that comes on the aw71 ratio in the rear for MPG reasons, I believe I just need to swap the ring and pinion...
  13. orie

    Repaint of 1993 b230ft R block - duplicolor ford red

    Cuz it was too much work to not share. This is for my friends 944Ti. Source is a 1993 945Ti w/325k on the clock. Engine has excellent (read: damn near off the line) compression. I chose the Ford Red many people spoke of. The pan was also repainted. It gives a good idea of how similar ford...
  14. orie

    1992 b230ft "R"? Really?

    Cleaned the donor engine (12/1992 mfg date, 1993 945Ti) for my friends 1992 944Ti today. As we cleaned off the grime, a lovely "R" shows up. I was expecting a L. An R block in 1992? Really? From what I read, this is a rare block! It DOES have squirters. Thoughts?
  15. orie

    Quick question - G80 swap

    I have a 1993 945Ti parts car that i want to yank the G80 out of and put in my '90 745 (1031, yes?). What's the easiest/best way.. swap the G80 and the axles, or swap the entire rear end? I'm thinkin it might be easier to pull the entire rear and replace the bushings while i'm at it. But...
  16. orie

    Parts 945 followed me home.. 56k nawww

    $300 local find on craigslist. 325,000mi. The engine sounds great, drives ok, shocks are toast. But it doesn't matter as it's a engine donor for a friend's 92 944Ti. At first glance it looks fine, but you can tell that a fender has been replaced poorly and that the tailgate has been bashed in...
  17. orie

    740 Shortblock swap, what to buy?

    My question is simple, what do we need to buy to do a proper block swap? I'm about to help a friend do a complete engine block swap. He has a perfectly good 1992 b230ft that sounds like it's about to throw a rod. The plan is to pick up a used shortblock (1987) with decent mileage and NO bits...
  18. orie

    940 Slap or knock? Vid included.

    Friends 1992 944Ti. What do you guys think? Unplugging #1 injector results in the metallic *tacktack* sound going away. When the car has been left overnight, the tacktack sound is about 4x louder than what you hear on the video. Sounds worse than just really bad piston slap. :e-shrug...
  19. orie

    LH 2.4 Dog Dish flywheel lightening

    Hey all, i'm hoping to get to my auto/manual swap soon on the DD 1990 745Ti. I have a dog dish with the lh2.4 holes. Since this is a DD, i want a nice comfortable clutch with just an edge of performance. I'm wondering what you all would recommend with regards to shaving the dog dish down...
  20. orie

    740 O2 Sensor wire question

    1990 745Ti. I'm replacing my o2 sensor with a 4-wire 15727 and i'm planning to place it in the o2 bung down by the cat. Right now, i'm just using the manifold bung. Gunna put a wideband there I think. My question is, is there any specific type of wire i should use to extend from the stock...