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  1. J

    late model 91-93 volvo 240 evaporator revisions

    So I have a 93 style ac box in my 84 240 v8 swap. I made lines and have great cooling AC. The problem is I have a very slow leak and it bothers me. The leak has to be in the evaporator. I put some dye in the line and with the UV light I can see a light glow from the evap box through the window...
  2. J

    aw71 rebuild

    Does anyone still sell rebuild kits for AW71 transmissions? My 93 classic is about to go through a mini restore including paint and b230ft rebuild and turbo upgrade. I don't want to go manual because my wife likes to drive it and she doesnt do manuals.
  3. J

    snowflake ac switch 91-93 volvo which size bulb?

    Anyone know which bulb size this thing is or where to get an original one reasonably? Was going to throw a low power blue LED in there but the one in my car had no bulb.
  4. J

    volvo 240 brake junction/brake line delete with 91 style

    I have swapped all of my non abs cars to the 91 style brake junction as they don't leak. That said, my v8 car is heading to a brake upgrade and I have that weird 91 style. Does the delete still run the same way as is shown on https://www.240turbo.com/volvo240bigbrakes.html Also I'm not...
  5. J

    volvo 240 16v turbo swap keep ac?

    So I've noticed quite a few of these 16v swaps don't have ac is there a reason for this? I have collected most of the parts to do my swap. Currently short a nice turbo manifold, turbo, and the timing components. That all said I didn't even think of it being an issue but I've noticed lots of...
  6. J

    531 porting work in the south(Houston area)

    Anyone have someone that does good porting work on the 531 heads? I have one and I have my new rods, squirter block, and forged pistons. Head work, cam, and turbo manifold are about all that I have left before I put it all together.
  7. J

    240 93 tachometer 240 volvo issue

    I dont like the late model rough looking gauges so like my other 240, I bought an early model and swapped the guts, indicator film, and faces. I bought it on eBay and it came with a tachometer and the seller said it was no good. Well I looked it over and didn't notice anything burned or damaged...
  8. J

    late model 240 abs auto gearing switch

    1993 240 abs auto gearing switch Is it possible to put a 3.54 set of gears in an ABS rear end 240? I'm about to put in my cd009 and I want to switch the gears. The car will be a gt28rs turbo car at max performance. I want to rebuild it with a truetrac but I want to make sure its possible before...
  9. J

    torque plate for redblock around Houston

    Anyone have a torque plate I could rent? I really dont want to buy one for one build. I have read people use the ford version of the 2.3l but I'd rather use the correct torque plate. I picked up yoshi rods and pistons I want to put in after I get my 6 speed swap buttoned up. Also before I get...
  10. J

    bilstein hd front shocks 1993 240 with abs

    If I can pull that spacer out buy cutting or with a chisel is there any down side? I forgot about the issue as this is my first abs car to install shocks on. They are here, my car is taken apart. I could take it to the shop, cut a groove in the spacer and then hit it with the air chisel. Will...
  11. J

    1993 volvo 240 wagon manual speedo number?

    Anyone happen to know what the speedo K number should be on a 1993 volvo 240 wagon with a manual?
  12. J

    new turbo manifolds, who makes a quality unit?

    Who makes a quality turbo manifold for b230 engines? I don't want an ebay unit. I found a nice one in the classifieds but it was sold. I'm not going for crazy power. 300hp is about as much as I'll ever want. Going to pick up squirter block next weekend, will order pistons and rods, and I already...
  13. J

    heater valve 1993 240

    I think my 1993 240 has a failing heater valve. Should I replace it with an aftermarket stock replacement(can't find an OEM one) or should I go with the wagonmeister kit? Any feedback on that? I read lots of reviews on aftermarket ones being terrible or failing.
  14. J

    transtar1.com account anyone have access to one? looking for aw71 rebuild kit cost

    Looking to rebuild an aw71 and I'm curious if anyone has an account.
  15. J

    bolts for front sway bar 240 1993

    Anyone happen to know ALL of the bolt sizes for a 240 sway bar? I bought this car and it was missing everything that has to do with the front sway bar. I have a used turbo front sway, bushings, and the little arms but I'm missing all of the bolts.
  16. J

    stroker crank do I need mid or rear thrust for late model?

    Do I need a mid or rear thrust crank for a 93 squirter block?
  17. J

    broken bolt 1993 alternator tensioner thread size/depth

    broken bolt 1993 alternator tensioner to block thread size/depth Anyone happen to know the thread size and depth of a b230 alternator tensioner bolt from a 1993 240? My bolt is broken. I drill it pretty much exactly on center and it wont come out. I don't want to bow up on the easy out and...
  18. J

    87 740 dash removal any links to all the screws?

    So I used this site to remove my 240 dash for the full climate control replacement and well now the 740 I bought needs a new dash and I found one at a yard but if possible I'd like to make sure I bring all the tools and know the quick way to pull it. The dash in question is actually a 940 but...
  19. J

    ohm/resistance on 87 740 fuel gauge anyone know?

    Does anyone know what the ohm range on a 740 sending unit is? I found some info https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=283898 but there are two ranges and they are the opposite of one another. I want to buy a set of aftermarket gauges and the company I'm going to use will do a custom...
  20. J

    IPD sport 240 wagon springs on sedan?

    I like the front to be lower and I tow a motorcycle on a trailer from time to time. I would like to lower the front of my car a bit yet keep the height almost stock in the back with slightly stiffer springs if possible. IPD has their spring sale right now and I was curious if anyone has a...