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    240 B230F Specifications

    I blew the HG on a 1991 b230f and am looking into getting a thin head gasket from RSI. In an effort to improve squish, I am looking into putting the thinnest HG they sell on it (0.027). My reason for posting is to get some numbers about deck height and combustion chamber volume etc, so I can...
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    240 Fuel line question

    I need to replace the fuel line from the the intank pump to the inline pump. I have been told that I don't need high pressure line. Is this correct?
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    '75 240 b20 engine mounts work on '91 b230?

    There is one in the jy. Should I pull them?
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    960 6 disk changer question

    There is a '94 960 with the optional 6 disk changer in a wrecking yard here. What needs to be pulled so someone else can use it? I intend to sell it and I want to sell it as complete as possible, what should I pull?
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    John Lane's fire breathing monster. Winner gets a ride in the car. Once it runs again.
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    B230ft Oil Return

    What is everyone doing for their oil returns? I plan on using a threaded fittings to ensure a leak free connection that I can adapt to whatever turbo setup I use on my this motor. Pictures help
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    240 aux shaft

    Will an aux shaft from a lh2.2 motor work in a lh2.4 motor? Granted same distributor location.
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    240 Strut removal

    I am changing the front springs on my '91 240 and need help removing the top nut. Specifically, in the Bentley manual, 720-2 step #7
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    AN fitting help

    I need to install some AN hose ends and am fraying the end on the hose. Is there an easy way of installing them? I saw the "Koul tool" but don't want to spend the $75 bucks on it.
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    740 Towing with M46 740ti

    What would be the concerns of towing with a m46? Is there a need/a way for a trans cooler? The car is a '92 740ti and will be towing a 2600lb car + trailer. I figure, new rear bushings, new struts (which?) and overload springs would be good. Obviously a good cooling system is needed. What is...
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    Motor swap agenda

    I am swapping a B230ft+AW71 from a 940 into my '91 240. I am planing to install new gaskets, clean and paint the engine bay and block and do the accumulator mod. Is there anything else that I should do while I have the motors out and the engine bay empty?
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    940 Best 940 manual.

    I have a Bentley for my 240 and I love it. Is there anything that is similar for the 940?
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    What Battery should I buy?

    I nuked the battery in my 240. What battery should I buy. I want to spend $100 bucks.
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    B230f specifcations

    I have a '91 B230f with 9.8:1 compression. What are the specifications? Bore, stroke, head gasket bore diameter, HG thickness, combustion chamber volume, piston dish volume, negative deck clearance. I know this has been asked before. I searched both on here and google, with no luck.
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    240 Grills.

    I am going to be needing to buy a need grill for my '91 240. What grills are available?
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    Like Cameron's thread, just for all cars. Volvo, BMW, VW, Lada, whatever. Like the "Dope Shizz" thread on Vortex.
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    240 Electrical problems. From CL ad.

    If someone hooked a battery up backwards on a 240, what damage would be done to the car? Reason I ask, there is a 240 on the local CL (for $300) that, as advertised, has a blown ECU from a backwards battery. Is that possible? http://boise.craigslist.org/pts/1446736396.html Thanks, MODS...
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    I killed a deer yesterday.

    ****ing deer. The hood, front passenger door and passenger fender all have to go.
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    240 Motor mount gone, need jacking location.

    O my '91 240, I have a motor mount that contacts with the oil filter. this makes changing the oil more difficult than it needs to be. Is there a location on the motor that I could jack up enough to get the oil filter off? I was thinking that I could jack it up on the oil pan, but I am not sure...
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    How does valve configuration effect a powerband?

    So, lets say as an example, we have two nearly identical motors. Both 2 liters, both flow the same amount of air through the same motor (CR, Squish, Cam specs, etc) with the same turbo. How does the valve configuration effect the power band? Peter Lissen's 8v racecar dyno Ken Lanham's 2.6...