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    my drag run

    me vs 1993 lexus sc 400 <v8> ipd cam open dp 12 psi new street tires acc mod https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=774347559242162&set=vb.100000007744399&type=2&theater fast forward to 1:50
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    opening day at the track

    1989. 740- ipd cam 12 psi, ran a 15.2 is that decent?
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    accumulator mod question

    my kick down cable failed so i did the acc mod when i replaced it. others say when they did this mod it would fry tires going into second gear.. my shims are set so the pistons have almost no play at all, still not barking gears out.. it shift good and hard/fast so i guess my question is 1. will...
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    acc mod wont shift hard to 2nd gear?

    did the acc mod, the piston for second gear did not have the underside spring on it , on my other transmission it is there. first to second gear is not harsh at all the second to third is ok ? anyone have any ideas? all shims are the same length as the sprins inside the accumulators. Kick down...
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    accumulator/valve body gasket aw71

    dealer does not have the part # for this gasket. Im in need of a part number or supplier that can order this . it is the one that is on the top of the valve body that makes a seal for the accumulators < not the rubber o rings> please help! My kickdown cable went bad and i tore the ngasket on...
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    next step systematically

    What would be first in the massive list of upgrades , injectors or rising rate fpr?
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    tips on how to reduce knock

    I recently installed an engine from a 1994 740 turbo into my 89 Volvo it seems to not want to be boosted as high as my previous small rod motor ...all of the engine control systems remain intact it was only an engine swap I do not understand why the other motor which is supposed to be of lower...
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    benefit of a 960 air meter on a mild boosted 740

    Might be headed to the yard later and they have a nice handful of 960 cars. Was wondering if there is any noted benefits of using the air meter from one of these in place of the factory 740 turbo meter
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    fuel pump hot wire volvo 240

    I am forced to hotwire the fuel pumps on my daughters 240, does anyone know what color wire for the in tank pump that provides power, it seems the external pump is yellow
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    740 turbo trans cooler

    I know it is better to run a trans cooler but I cut the lines when I did my manual swap..got an auto to throw back in it but the lines I have now only reach the radiator...the cooler is not that big anyway. Will it be catastrophic to run with out it for a couple months? Volvo wants too much for...
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    aw71 acc. mod Pics

    did this a couple months ago just got the pics set up today.. trans ended up being bad , new one on the way will try again after i conclude that it is in good operation condition they may be a bit out of order but you can get the jist of it if you've ever read up on the process...
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    twin turbo s80 in a 740

    aside from the electronics can this be done simply as a bolt in with the engine and trans < factory volvo parts> i assume the 960 transmission is in order to do this or are there hidden steps i do not know about yet, if anyone has done the swap recently and has it documented a link would be very...
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    aw70 in a turbo 740

    im stuck with using a non turbo trans in a turbo car has anyone had issues pushing 12-14 psi out of one of these with the acc mod done ? i pulled the last turbo trans in the yard otherwise the aw71 is what i would go with but time , money and availability play a huge factor < i have none > so...
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    aw71 to aw70l

    why is it a bad idea to use the L version aw70 in a turbo car?.. my auto i just installed was a bad unit and there is nothing left at the yard besides the non turbo units..are all the non turbos the lock up style? or can i use my non locking converter and the aw70l trans? or just go with the...
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    i will be doing the trans accumulator mod and was wondering about just removing the check balls altogether and not drilling the holes larger in the valve body , I have seen just a couple of photos and I have become unsure of doing the actual drilling , can I just remove these check balls for the...