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  1. AndrewNance

    940 turbo downpipe mounting stay bracket

    I usually weld something to the downpipe that will bolt to the bellhousing.
  2. AndrewNance

    2.5in driveshaft for T5 swap

    I ran a 2.5” in my Amazon with a t5 for several years and never had any issues. It is pretty close to the maximum length for that diameter though.
  3. AndrewNance

    Andrew’s Duratec-swapped ‘67 Amazon

    I would love to explore a steering rack and, yeah, working that out with the engine out would be great. I won’t have the engine installed permanently for a few months. I have a lot of old holes to weld up before I can clean and paint the engine bay.
  4. AndrewNance

    Andrew’s Duratec-swapped ‘67 Amazon

    Slowly plugging away at night after the family goes to bed. I’ve spent what I can for the moment so I’ll have to tackle some of the fabrication and general clean-up to hold me over until the budget replenishes. Dropped the engine in for a test fit and to get the mounts made. Ended up notching...
  5. AndrewNance

    Placement/fittings for two oil pressure sensors - standalone and gauge/idiot light

    I used a tee off the passenger side of the block to run two senders - one for MS and one for the idiot light. I suppose the same could be done to add a second sender for your third signal.
  6. AndrewNance

    Andrew’s Duratec-swapped ‘67 Amazon

    It’s been a while! My daughter Pearl came along in late 2022 and that really brought projects to a halt. She's a lil' stinker but we're into the toddler phase now which is pretty fun plus I'm finally getting back into some projects. Here’s a photo of us being really cool at the beach: I...
  7. AndrewNance

    Amazon idler arm bronze bushing troubles

    Are those the same as the ones that used to be available on eBay from the Netherlands?
  8. AndrewNance

    B230 crank pulley

    That does look like what I need assuming it’s not underdrive.
  9. AndrewNance

    B230 crank pulley

    Is there a two-groove crank pulley for B230s? I swapped engine mounts in my Amazon and now my steering linkage hits the pulley just before full lock. I don’t have a belt on the front groove anyway and thought about just machining the outer edge off but I’m sure it wouldn’t balance correctly.
  10. AndrewNance

    Vintage 140 weird battery drain

    Alright, I'm stumped on trying to find a mysterious battery drain in my '71. Car has been back on the road for over a year and this just sort of started randomly a few weeks ago. I'm getting a draw of about 150 milliamps on a fully charged battery. No components have been added to this car at...
  11. AndrewNance

    Vintage 140 battery

    Is there a modern battery that works with the factory 140 battery tray and hold-down? Duralast, Napa, etc. I don?t care. Just something I can get locally. I have never had the correct battery for this car but it?s time to buy a new one.
  12. AndrewNance

    8.8 parking brake cables?

    What are you 8.8 folks doing for these? This is the factory 122 cable which is so damn close to working but needs some kind of end that can attach to the 8.8 parking brake.
  13. AndrewNance

    Vintage SU sticky dashpot?

    The front HS6 carb on my 142 seems to be hanging on the dashpot. Usually follows a heat soak but it?s done it even without that happening. If I pull the dashpot out the piston moves nicely so I?m positive the large diameter section isn?t sticking inside the dome. I swapped dashpots between the...
  14. AndrewNance

    140 temp gauge wonky

    The water temp gauge in my ?71 is acting pretty strange. Immediately after starting it will start climbing and go all the way to the red. While driving it fluctuates pretty rapidly, or at least more rapidly than temperature actually fluctuates. The sender in the head is new. Do these gauges ever...
  15. AndrewNance

    140 brake interchange

    Are 140 Girling rear brake calipers interchangeable with solid-rotor rear 240 calipers? Turns out I need a right rear and will probably just replace the left rear while I'm doing it.
  16. AndrewNance

    Vintage B20 no spark issue

    Just finished putting together my 142 with a B20F and HIF6s. Basically stock '71 stuff aside from the head. I cannot seem to get spark past the distributor. The coil wire arcs while cranking when disconnected but I'm not getting anything to the plugs. I've run through what seems like every test...
  17. AndrewNance

    142 master cylinders

    Bubbling paint on the front of my brake booster seems to suggest that my MC has been leaking for longer than I want to admit. Are OE masters available for these (specifically a ?71)? VP has one for $115 with a new reservoir but that sounds like an aftermarket price. Wilwood has one that could...
  18. AndrewNance

    140 clutch cable washers

    Trying to swap out my clutch cable in the 142 and I can?t see the purpose of these rubber washers at the firewall end. They aren?t thick enough to take all of the slack out of that end of the cable. Is it supposed to be this way? Could I use a few thick metal washers in place of the rubber ones...
  19. AndrewNance

    140 crossmember bolts

    Does anyone have size and thread pitch for 140 transmission crossmember bolts?
  20. AndrewNance

    Vintage B20 thread repair

    Yesterday while reinstalling the valvetrain in my B20, the third hole stripped all of its threads completely out. Obviously this is the hole with the oil feed for the head so I'm concerned about the best way to take on that repair. Would a standard helicoil or timesert be okay? I've actually...