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    What would you choose and why. Tkx or cd009

    As per title. What would you run behind your 8v/16v redblock? Tossing up between the two
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    Turbo manifold kit

    I saw a post alitlle while ago in a thread of a company that sells all the pieces to weld your on manifold up. I?ve searched but can?t find it anywhere. I think it was a Swedish company. Just wanna price up how much it?ll be landed here bs getting one made locally.
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    M90 ttv and 850r clutch problems

    Hi guys just after some feedback from people that have done this swap? We have just done this flywheel and clutch. Having a few problems. First and reverse are really hard to get into. Adjustaing pivot ball and spacing rod either makes it slip or hard to get into first and second. Doesn?t seem...