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    240 Doesn't want to start, once it does than runs good.

    1985 244 B23F L.H 2.2 So I blew out my rear cam plug on Wednesday. Car was running with no issues before hand. Drove maybe 10KMS without the plug. Oil levels were fine and I babied it to get it to the garage. Put a new cam plug in as well as an ipd retainer plate. Also replaced the flame...
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    Custom frame fabrication

    Anyone ever build their own custom frame for a 200 series? Are there any blueprints with dimensions out there that are accessible?
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    240 Break failure

    1985 244 B23F On the drive home from work the other day my brake failure light came on and the pedal slowly went spongy as I applied the brakes. Also while idling if I pump the brakes the car wants to stall out. I've recently got brand new brakes and the whole system has been bled. Marked a...
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    School me on intercooler piping

    B230FT with 15G Large ebay bar and plate Intercooler has 3" inlet/outlet If I remember correct the 15G has a 2" outlet ( going to intercooler ) Is it better to run 2" piping than use a 2" to 3" silicon coupler at the intercooler Or Is it better to use a 2" to 3" coupler at the outlet and run...
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    Carbed to LH 2.4

    I have a carbed '84 244 with B21A and am working on putting a '91 B230FT with LH2.4 computers out of a 740 into it. My question is what wiring harness is the easiest and tidiest to put into the car? Does it have to be out of a turbo car or is it the same from a NA? 240 harness because 240...
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    15G turbo questions

    How much psi can be safely run with this turbo? If I recall correctly these have a internal wastegate, As well as a CBV. Am I better off converting to a external wastegate and using a HKS SSQV BOV I have? If going with external wastegate what's a good recommendation? Pretty new to turbo...
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    Project '84 244

    My first ever car was a 1990 745, I owned it for almost two years and ever since getting rid of it I've been itching to be back in a Volvo. In May I came across a really good deal two 244s for $1500. The first one is a '85 beige 244 B23F with auto transmission. I'm currently using it as a daily...
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    740 B230FT into a '84 244 that had B21A questions.

    I'm having trouble with the search function ( maybe because I'm on a iPad ). Can someone link me to a thread where this has been done before or give any helpful tips or advise on what to look out for + what all is needed to make this swap happen smooth and sound. Donor engine is out of either...
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    B230FT + 16V head

    What would be a good price to pay for a B230FT out of a '90 745 wagon with roughly 210 000KM and a 16V head with roughly 130 000KM? Wiring harness and everything else included except transmission.