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  1. amerbritcan

    help me identify these wheels.

    Popped up on local classifieds for stupid cheap, thinking they're worth it. Anyone seen them before? I've got a V70 and a 240 on the road so if the offset is only good for one of them no huge loss. Mildly worried about center bore though...
  2. amerbritcan

    Troystopher: The BonerjamMobile

    Oki dokes folks! I've got a new Volvo. "It's about time" seems to be the consensus on FB. Bear with me as I edit this post into something worth reading. So here it is, in all its glory. A 1990 240 GL (whoops, DL), close to 500,000km, though the odometer quit at 320ish, and intermittently...
  3. amerbritcan

    Carlisle picture thread.

    My phone died on the drive down and stayed dead all weekend, so I got nothing :/ I saw a lot of TBers with cameras, so lets see what y'all got.
  4. amerbritcan

    headlight switch wiring woes.

    I'm trying to wire in a headlight switch from an 89 240 into my 83 240 that came to me without a switch or plug (well it did but someone stole it) The three wires for the 83 are solid red, solid yellow and solid white. The 4 wires on the 89 plug are green with red stripe, white with blue stripe...
  5. amerbritcan

    Carlisle convoy south down I-81

    I'll be driving down to Carlisle by getting on I-81 north of Watertown headed south, heading for the big Perkins Harrisburg meet up. Convoying is a big fun part of Carlisle so I thought I'd ask around and see who else would be going the same way, maybe I can plan my gas stops strategically to...
  6. amerbritcan

    The best alternator in stock location on a 240

    I have an 83 245DL, carbed B21, power nothing. I'm going to be adding power options as I can afford them, as well as eventually getting a bumpin' stereo. I'm going through the process right now of diagnosing charging issues, and I'd like to replace the alternator with the best one money can buy...
  7. amerbritcan

    what is a B230B?

    I know of a Swiss car locally, a '94 940 with a B230B and M46. I searched B230B and only got one not-helpful result, so please, all knowing TB, educate me. Mostly in the difference between it and a B230F/FT. Cheers!
  8. amerbritcan

    M46 shifter linkage halp

    I'm trying to do a clutch on an '83 Canadian spec 245DL with an M46 out of a Canadian 242tic. I can't get the shifter linkage apart. There's a female-allan headed setscrew facing down that I've removed. The pin it sets into had what appeared to be a C-clip, but on attempted removal discovered it...
  9. amerbritcan

    alternator curveballs on B21A

    Doing my alt job. Disconnecting my wiring from the. Alt, a couple things happened. On the ground connection, I snap at the first nut, meaning it now can't have anything thread on to it. Once the ground wire was moved out of the way, a FOURTH connection became visible, besides the power with...
  10. amerbritcan

    The new look.

    up on jacks/stands? if not, yikes
  11. amerbritcan

    Help: Distributor seized to block

    So Matt (1983blue245 or w/e his screenname is) and I are trying to set ignition timing on my 242, and we discover that not only is it retarded by about 30 degrees (0 degrees at roughly 2000 to 2500 rpm) but also that the distributor won't move. We did some stuff to attempt to break it free...
  12. amerbritcan

    converting a 1982 242 B21A from points to electronic ignition

    I'm getting tired of re-gapping my points, and want to convert to electronic ignition. Bosch Motronic? What bits should I use? electronic ignition from later volvos? please guide me. Cheers.
  13. amerbritcan

    Rallycar with those 86+ single rounds off of the semi trucks

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/u8XL3hP3WYg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. amerbritcan

    steerign wheel hub/spline questions

    I know this isn't necessarily performance, but it;s really not maintenance either. I couldn't decide. if mods decide it;s in the wrong place, then please move it to the right one. I have an opportunity yo buy a really nice aftermarket steering wheel that was once on a 7. I want to put it on my...
  15. amerbritcan

    Hot Volvo 300's and 400's

    I've always thought the 300's were cool, and would really love one. Post up 300's and 400's you like. That includes the 480! my mom had one of those when I was a kid, and I think they're super boss. A quick google image search produces some promise; ok, admittedly, it's hard for...
  16. amerbritcan

    Ontario meet Oct. 9th.

    So. Pro_star and XxJenoxX are going to be in Ontario at the same time; Over Canadian thanksgiving weekend. Kat proposed Kingston as a meeting place for all of the ontarian peeps who can come out. We had a tentative plan to all go to a restaurant called 'the copper penny'. Seeing as the main...
  17. amerbritcan

    240's with the '93 850 front air dam

    I legitimately made 5+ search attempts and couldn't find a thread that focused on them, let alone pics of them. I know jungledorifto's car and a couple others have them, but I want a variety of pics, so, those of you who have pics of 240's with the '93 850 front air dam on them, post them up!
  18. amerbritcan

    stiffening 240 Trailing arms & front A-arms

    I will be getting a big pile of parts, mostly assembled, and running/drivable, including suspension, and thought I might take it's trailing arms and A arms to our local welder to have them boxed in. Is it worth it? Has it been done? If so, link me to pics? I fail at search, I couldn't find...
  19. amerbritcan

    skinnies on older cars, and a 7 series tach in a 2

    ok so, Someone I know will very soon be parting out an '84 244. I never had much of a desire for skinnies on older cars, but this '84 has them. my question is this; When fitting skinnies to a commando car, is it the bumpers, or the car, that gets modified for them to fit? would I simply be...
  20. amerbritcan

    VARAC vintage Racing festival 2010 pic thread. (volvo content)

    these are just a few quick one's I snapped on my crappy point-and-shoot. When I've gotten the one's off my SLR I'll post them up too. Anyone else go? anyone get pics? post 'em here! Yeahhhh... That's vintage Widebodied E30 M3 XJS V12 coupe Fiat 500 abarth (600! oops) Nice unmolested...